Black & Decker GT6060 Review

Black & Decker GT6060 Review

Black & Decker GT6060 Review

Black and Decker GT6060

Designed for wider branches and larger hedges, the Black and Decker GT6060 is a machine that combines power, grip and efficiency to provide a hedge trimmer that leaves nothing more to be desired. The electric corded trimmer has a 2.5cm cutting tooth distance that is specifically designed for the arduous task of trimming the small branches and larger hedges effortlessly.


The hedge trimmer is built with vertical trimming in mind and features a blade that is raised slightly upward. The machine offers a comfortable grip with an installed soft grip for both the rear arm and the front arm. Safety is also covered with the usual double-switch that ensures both hands are on the handle before it is powered to prevent accidental starts. The switches are strategically placed to provide unbiased handling for both left-handed and right-handed users. It features noise cancelling and vibration-reduction features such as a padded rear handle that make handling the GT6060 both easy and comfortable and possible to work with the trimmer for longer hours without body and shoulder aches or fatigue. The GT6060 also has a soft blade sheath for easy storage and blade protection.



Powered by a 500Watt motor, the GT6060 delivers 1960 strokes per minute, enough power to slice through branches and hedges faster and easily. Weighing only 3kg, the GT6060 is one of the lightest trimmers available. Its 60cm long blade and 25mm teeth gap make easy work of branches and hedges. With an eight-meter cord, the blade can be used for relatively small distances.



Because the GT6060 is a corded trimmer, the range that can be trimmed is limited to the length of the cord.

It has no safety catch increasing the risk of injury.


With its superior features, the Black and Decker GT6060 is arguably the best pocket-friendly machine for all your medium hedge-trimming needs.


Black & Decker GT6060 - Pros & Cons



  • Blade Length – 60cm
  • 600W Motor
  • Cutting Capacity – 25mm



  • A little bit noisy