bosch rotak 34 r lawn mower review

Bosch Rotak 34 R Lawn Mower Review

bosch rotak 34 r lawn mower review

4.7 out of 5 stars (4.7 / 5)

One of the best selling electric lawn mowers is the Rotak 34 R with a powerful 1300 WATT motor, its easy to handle as its lightweight and only weighs 11.1 kg. If you are looking for a well maintained lawn which cuts right up to the edges of your lawn this is the mower for you. The Rotak 34 R has folding handles for easy storage and you can put the grass box on when not in use to save storage space. It has various cutting heights from 20-70 mm which can cope even with long grass.

Bosch Rotak 34 R Lawn Mower Review

Precision Cutting Features

The easy to handle lawnmower from Bosch cuts grass close to the edge and even over the edge of the lawn, it features inset wheels at the front and has a grass collector to keep you lawn looking clean. You can cut around flowerbeds and plants in your garden with this easy to manoeuvre lightweight electric lawn mower. Its ideal for a small to medium size garden and small enough to fit in a plastic storage box if you don’t have a garden shed, Even if you lawn is a bit lumpy or uneven this will do a fantastic job.

The Rotak 34R features at 40 litre grass box which is more than ample for most small to medium lawns to be emptied once, unless your grass is quite long then it may need to empty it again. Less trips to dispose of the grass cuttings. Every cut you do with this mower is as good as the last time you used it, not like some mowers with less power that seem to knock the grass over instead of actually cutting it. Keep your grass looking its best this summer with a Bosch lawn mower, its lightweight design makes cutting the grass a simple job.


Pro's and Con's



  • Powerful 1300 WATT motor provides great power even in long grass.
  • Its easy to use and store as its only 11.1kg
  • The 40 litre grass collection box means less time to empty the grass box



  • None


Additional information on the Bosch Rotak 34 R can be found in the manual below.


Bosch rotak 34 r Manual