• makita dfr550z review Makita DFR550Z Review – Auto Feed Cordless Screwdriver -   Makita DFR550 Review Looking for an auto feed cordless screwdriver, the Makita DFR550 has high efficiency and rotational speed which makes your job a lot easier. Its Makita again- the lead brand in tool production. This time around, they bring the DFR550Z Auto-feed screwdriver, your tool of choice for driving screws into timber and
  • makita dfs452z review Makita DFS452Z Review - Makita DFS452Z Review The Makita DFS452 features push on technology when in lock on mode, this means the motor only starts when the fastener is ready for work and to save the battery. It is one thing driving a screw, but another when it is into a drywall. In such a case, you need a
  • dewalt dcf620d2k review DeWalt DCF620D2K Review – 18V Cordless Screwdriver -   Dewalt DCF620D2K Review The Dewalt auto feed cordless screwdriver is one of the lightest ones on the market, this is ideal for getting into tight spaces. Driving screws into dry walls is normal until you do it at 700 screws on a single charge. Combine that with light weight and compactness, and you will
  • makita dfr750z review Makita DFR750Z Review – Cordless Auto-Feed Screwdriver - Makita DFR750Z  – 18V Auto Feed Screwdriver (BARE UNIT) The auto feed screwdriver from Makita offers high efficiency from its high speed motor and screw strip management which has been improved. Makita keeps their head high when it comes to tool production, and the DFR750Z cordless auto-feed screwdriver is no exception.  This is a must-have