dewalt dch254m2 review

DeWalt DCH254M2 Review – 18v XR SDS-Plus Rotary Hammer Drill + Q/C Chuck

dewalt dch254m2 review

Dewalt DCH254M2

Built for heavy masonry work, the Dewalt DCH254M2 has an SDS+ chunk for hammering and a concrete drilling bit as is wont of tools in its line of work. It is ideal for use in fixing and drilling holes in brick, concrete and even plaster.

A 4.0Ah 18 volt XR lithium-ion battery powers the cordless Dewalt DCH254M2 providing enough power for the high-performance machine while offering longer service time guaranteed by the latest build of the XR battery technology. Part of the revolutionary XR build, it is fitted with an intelligent switch that maximizes performance and prevents temperature overload during use. The XR battery is also multi-voltage, allowing for different rates of charging. The motor of the DCH254M2 offers up to 1200 rotations per minute of no-load speed in drill mode and up to 4500 blows per minute with a 2.1J impact force in hammer mode. The drill bit can bore up to 26mm in wood, 13mm in metal and up to 24mm in concrete.

Built with a vibration control bit and an ergonomic handle coated with rubber, the DCH254M2 is a comfortable tool to work with for long periods of time without experiencing fatigue. The Dewalt also has an LED light for use in dimly lit workplaces. The dual mode drill has a soft mode for drilling into plaster and tiles and an impact mode for drilling into tougher materials like wood, metal, and ceramic. A quick-release mechanism also enables the user to easily transition between hammer mode and drill mode. An electronic motor brake also enables seamless stopping between jobs. The battery also has a monitoring gauge to monitor the amount of power remaining. The Dewalt DCH254M2 ships with a heavy duty kit for easy storage and protection from environmental damage. A multi-position handle makes it convenient for both right and left-handed users. The Dewalt DCH254M2 unlike most tools, ships with most of its required components enabling the buyer to use it on reception.

The DCH254M2 cannot be used for long periods of time due to battery depletion.


DeWalt DCH254M2 - Pros & Cons



  • 2 x 4.0Ah Li-Ion Batteries
  • 3-Mode : Hammer, Chisel & Drill



  • None