dewalt dch274p2 review

DeWalt DCH274P2 Review – SDS Drill

dewalt dch274p2 review

Dewalt DCH274P2

The XR3 features a brushless motor which makes the battery last for ages, this is the ideal SDS drill for anchors and holes in concrete and bricks from 4 to 24mm.

Powered by a 5.0Ah battery, the cordless Dewalt DCH274P2 is a rotary hammer made for off-site and long use away from the charge. With its top of the range XR batteries and stunning features, the DCH274P2 simply does not disappoint.

Dewalt boasts of brushless motors and high power batteries for enhanced power and reduced maintenance costs, and the DCH274P2 is not an exception. It uses the latest XR 18V lithium-ion batteries to power the motor that delivers a no-load speed of 0 to 1,100 rotations per minute. The hammer also delivers from 0 to 4,600 beats per minute at an impact of 2.1J. Weighing only 7.2 Pounds(3.3Kg), the DCH274P2 can drill up to a depth of 26mm in wood, 24mm in concrete and 13mm in steel. It also offers a high-speed drilling performance of 90 holes (10 x 80mm) per recharge.

The Dewalt DCH274P2, as is common with most rotary hammers, has three application modes; hammer only, rotary hammer mode and rotary only mode. Its quick release SDS+ key-less tool holder ensures the chunk remains in position during rotary and hammer mode while allowing them to be released easily when transitioning. The DCH274P2 also offers two usage mode; rotation stop mode for light chiselling and an impact stop mode for heavy dedicated drilling, whether in wood, steel or concrete. Its multi-position slide handle and depth gauge make the Dewalt DCH274P2 the perfect tool for any hand use. The DCH274P2 comes with a belt clip for temporal disuse, and a heavy duty carries case for storage and transportation. A bright LED light ensures the rotary hammer is usable in any kind of lighting. An electronic clutch in the tool can be used to maintain a high torque at all times.

While the DCH274P2 is an engineering marvel, it comes at a high price. It, however, delivers value for money by its excellent performance. A speed and power control module would also have helped the user sometimes needs an exact speed for a particular application.


DeWalt DCH274P2 - Pros & Cons



  • This comes with 2 x 5.0Ah Li-Ion Batteries
  • 3-Modes, Hammer, Chisel & Drill
  • Impact Energy: 2.1J
  • 1 x Keyless Chuck Included



  • A bit expensive but you get what you pay for