dewalt dcm572n review

Dewalt DCM572N Review

dewalt dcm572n review

Dewalt DCM572N Leaf Blower

Another product of the innovative Dewalt Flexvolt series, the Dewalt DCM572N Flexvolt packs both the power and the innovative features of a Dewalt to make it a one-of-a-kind leaf-blower. The first of its kind, the DCM572N is the most powerful 54V battery-powered Flexvolt and leaf-blower in its range.


The 440x200x880mm body packs a 54V brushless motor that ensures both power and a longer lifetime as is common with brushless motors. The DCM572N Flexvolt uses a Li-ion battery that can power the blower for up to 15minutes of cordless activity on a 9.0Ah charge. The Dewalt also features a lockable variable speed trigger that enables the user to both adjust and lock the blower at a preferred speed instead of and a concentrator attachment for more intense blowing for stuck leaves and other jammed debris. The DCM572N is synonymous with power delivering up to 400 cubic feet of air per minute (CFM) at a mind-blowing speed of 193km per hour(121mph) that is guaranteed to blow away even the most obstinate of leaves. That notwithstanding, the Dewalt blower also features comfort and grip by means of an over mold handle for extra grip along with a curved tube design that provides rotation control and ensures little fatigue. The DCM572N weighs just 3.3Kg without the battery and 4.5Kg with the battery, a weight that makes it one of the lightest blowers in the Flexvolt series and quite easy to use.


Dewalt dcm572n Pros & Cons



  • Air Flow : 54m/s
  • Variable Speed Trigger



  • Weighs 4.5kg so a little on the heavy side
  • The 15minute run time of the DCM572N makes it of little use in the case of a large amount of leaves as it requires constant recharging.
  • The considerably heavy weight of the blower makes it tiresome to use.
  • The DCM572N ships without the battery and the charger and the purchaser has to incur extra cost to procure the missing items.