dewalt dcr017 reviews

DeWalt Dab Radio DCR017 Reviews

dewalt dcr017 reviews

Dewalt DCR017

Here is the DeWalt DCR017 site radio with built in DAB and FM tuner, you can be sure where ever you are working you will always be able to get the radio on. We all know the DAB is not always available in some parts of the UK but good old FM is covered unless you down a massive hole in the ground. This is also a multi voltage charger so you can enjoy more than just music as you can charge your mobile as well.

The Dewalt dab radio DCR017 is more than a mere on-site radio. It doubles up as a storage device and a charging device offering both entertainment, power supply and protection for your smaller devices.

Built with DAB+ and FM/AM capability, the Dewalt DCR017 can receive both traditional analogue AM/FM broadcasts and the DAB+ digital radio broadcasts. Because of the nature of work sites, the Dewalt DCR017 has a roll cage with six impact resistance points and rubber shock absorbers to ensure maximum durability. The antenna is also flexible to prevent accidental breaking during handling, storage or work-related mishaps. The radio has twin tweeter and woofer speakers with ported bass that produce sound of excellent quality even at high volumes. The radio also has a loud maximum volume that is easily audible over the drone of other work tools. The stylish control pad of the Dewalt DCR017 houses an LCD display above a digital volume tuner. On the sides of the tuning knob are several preset buttons that include a power button, a mode button, a menu button and navigation buttons. Above the LCD display are other preset button numbered 1 to 10 for music control. The radio system also has a 3.5mm auxiliary input jack that can be connected to other audio devices.

The Dewalt DCR017 can be powered by ac mains or by a Dewalt Power tool battery. The radio is fitted with a charging compartment for other Dewalt batteries. It can charge any 10.8V, 14.4V and 18V XR Li-ion battery while on mains connection and has an LED indicator light to indicate when the batteries are charging. The radio also has two AC mains power supply ports that can be used to charge your other tools on site. The Dewalt DCR017 is also equipped with a Tech Box that provides protection and storage for your smaller devices such as your phone or iPod. It also has two USB ports in the Tech Box that can be used to charge other electronic devices. The case has a wrap-around facility that allows its two AC outlet power cords to be wrapped around it. The Dewalt DCR017, however, does not have Bluetooth capabilities.

The DeWalt Dab Radio Is Tough For The JOB

It has 6 impact resistant points which make this a very tough site radio, its also the only one on the market with bigger speakers and tweeters. A lot of other makes only have one or two small speakers but not the DeWalt as it goes all out for loud and clear sounds with a deep bass as they are ported bass which helps a great deal. You also get 2 meter of power cable which should be ample for you.

DeWalt DCR017 - Pro's and Con's



    • Works with DeWalt 10.8 Volt, 14.4 Volt and 18 Volt XR Li-Ion batteries.
    • DAB+ / FM
    • USB & Aux Input
  • Twin sets of woofers and tweeters



    • No Battery included
  • No Bluetooth