dewalt dcs331n review

DeWalt DCS331N Review – 18v XR Jigsaw – Bare Unit

dewalt dcs331n review

DeWalt DCS331N 18v Jigsaw

A cutting-edge jigsaw with the latest XR Lithium Ion Battery technology, the cordless Dewalt DCS331N is way ahead of its time. One of the best cordless jigsaws one can buy, the DCS331N is powered by an 18V Dewalt Li-Ion XR battery, a battery series designed for efficiency and faster application and a Dewalt PM47 fan-cooled brushed motor. At only 400 Watts, the jigsaw offers up to 3000 strokes per minute at one-inch strokes for excellent and fast cutting. Because brushes on brushed motors wear out fast, the DCS331N comes with its brushes easily removable and replaceable, saving the owner the hassle of purchasing a new motor every time the brushes succumb to wear.

Like other Dewalts in the DCS331 Series, the 331N comes with an intelligent variable speed control knob that allows the user to change the stroke speed depending on the type and depth of the material being cut, allowing up to 6 inches of wood-cutting depth and almost half an inch of metal cutting depth. The 331N also carries a lock-off mechanism to enhance user safety.

Its lightweight design, weighing only 2.4Kg, and its cordless quality makes the DCS331N a very easy tool to work with alleviating the stress of working with a corded jigsaw. A key-less blade switching mechanism allows the easy removal and replacement of blades. The jigsaw uses T-shank blades to go along with the easy removal mechanism. An anti-vibration counter-balance mechanism and a rubber grip handle make using the Dewalt DCS331N a pleasurable experience devoid of the discomfort that is attributed to vibrations during work. A 3 stage action lever gives the user control over the smoothness of cuts and the aggressiveness level. An inbuilt dust blower keeps the cut line clear of dust and other debris. Its metal base and rotating bevel allow up to 45 degrees of cutting angle with an audible click at both the 45 and 90-degree mark and is fitted with a plastic cover to prevent scratches to the surface of the work-piece.

The Dewalt DCS331N, however, ships as a body only and the user has to purchase the battery separately if they do not already have a Dewalt battery.


Dewalt DCS331N - Pros & Cons



  • Intelligent variable speed trigger
  • Fan cooled motor
  • Keyless blade change



  • Bare Unit so there is NO battery or charger supplied