dewalt dcs576t2 review

Dewalt DCS576T2 Review – 54v XR FlexVolt Circular Saw

dewalt dcs576t2 review

DeWalt DCS576T2 54v Circular Saw

In the wake of the innovation in DeWalt’s battery technology with the Flexvolt XR, a battery technology that opened up the doors to more wireless tools by offering more power, came the Dewalt DCS576T2. Powered by two 6.0Ah 54 volt Flexvolt XR batteries, the Dewalt DCS576T2 circular saw produces a no-load speed of 5800 rotations per minute; the equivalent of a corded saw but with the added portability and non-clutter that comes with a cordless tool.

The Dewalt DCS576T2 is fitted with a Dewalt Guide rail system that enables easy guided cutting, thus preventing wandering cuts. The high torque motor on the DCS576T2 is brushless as is common in Dewalt machines for longer lifetime and better cutting power.

The DCS576T2’s cutting blade has a maximum cutting depth of 61 mm with the bevel angle at 90 degrees with the material being cut. It has a scale that can be set from 0 to 61 mm of cutting depth. The base also allows for shifting of the bevel angle to a maximum of 57 degrees. A retractable blade lid is fitted across the blade to prevent accidental cuts and protect the blade during storage. A lever that lifts the lid is attached for use during cutting. The Dewalt also includes an extra handle for the second hand to provide better grip on the saw. The DCS576T2 also includes an LED light that improves the visibility of the cut-line. The ergonomic design of the circular saw is top-notch, with the 3.7kg tool balanced perfectly to prevent fatigue during operation. Stable block construction reduces the vibrations reaching the user making the tool more comfortable to use. The Dewalt DCS576T2 also sports a battery meter to monitor the charge remaining on the battery.

The tool is noisy to work with and cannot be used for long hours as it consumes charge on the battery fast, thus requiring constant recharging.


DeWalt DCS576T2 - Pros & Cons



  • 2 x 6.0Ah Li-Ion Batteries
  • 190mm Blade



  • None