dewalt dw331k jigsaw review

Dewalt DW331K Jigsaw Review

dewalt dw331k jigsaw review

Dewalt DW331K Jigsaw

A mid-range jigsaw, the Dewalt DW331K is built with power, speed, and durability in mind, making it the perfect tool for the average wood-worker. With a 6.5 Amp 700 Watt motor that delivers between 500 to 3100 strokes per minute of one-inch strokes, the DW331K easily outperforms other jigsaws in its range by sheer raw power, enough to saw through any material effortlessly. A power code ensures you use the jigsaw for longer periods of time without the need for recharge as is common with cordless appliances.

A powerful tool in its own right, the Dewalt leaves most control of the power to the user. Fitted with a four-stage orbital action lever, the user can select the intensity to use depending on the material they intend to cut. A variable speed lever, located just below the handle, lets the user tune the blade’s cutting speed for different applications. The addition of an all-metal key-less lever-action blade clamp allows quick shifting between blades and easy adjustments of blades while maintaining the blade in position during cutting. The easy blade release comes in handy especially after the use of the jigsaw for an extended period. The DW331K only allows T-shank blades to facilitate the easy removal and offer better traction during cutting.

The DW331K makes your user experience quite comfortable by use of rubber grips and a counter-balance mechanism that protects the user from discomfort, fatigue, and vibrations. An inbuilt air blower clears the area of sawdust and ensures the user can see the cut-line clearly. An adjustable shoe with an anti-scratch base offers cutting angles of up to 45 degrees in either direction that ensures diagonal cuts are made with precision while preventing your workpiece from scratches. The metal base is graduated to measure the angle of tilt accurately.

The blade guidance system of the DW331K however, falls short of expectations as it wanders when cutting thicker material. The metal casing of the jigsaw also gets hot after prolonged periods of use. The zero clearance insert that should prevent a tear of the work-piece during the upward motion of the blade does not apply enough pressure to be effective.


Dewalt DW331K - Pros & Cons



  • Powerful 701 Watt Motor
  • 85mm Wood Cutting Capacity
  • Keyless blade change



  • Mains Power