dewalt dwe560k review

Dewalt DWE560K Review – 240v Circular Saw

dewalt dwe560k review

DWE560K Circular Saw

The latest generation of power saws hosts a bunch of new features from the ease of use, better accuracy and being light for tough jobs. The Dewalt DWE560K circular saw is a compact, lightweight and easy to use saw with 65mm cut depth. A product from Dewalt, the product is as reputable as its manufacturer with a high power 1350W motor that gives you increased cutting performance. A cutaway inner guard provides the user with an improved line of sight to the cutting line, enabling you to deliver top-notch precision. For your convenience, a dust blower clears dust and dust line from the cut line so that you can concentrate on quality work. Additionally, the product features an efficient dust extraction port to minimize airborne dust particles when connected to a dust exaction point.

This corded circular saw is ideal for cutting wood and plastics as well, with a 550rpm speed without a load and a 65mm maximum cutting depth at 90 degrees. With a large 184mm diameter blade, you can easily cut through 2-inch dimensional lumber at a 45-degree angle in a pass. More blade teeth give you a smoother cut, but fewer teeth give a faster cut. This saw is just at the optimum- 24 teeth, enabling you to move along the length of the grain quickly. It comes with a rip saw fastened for smoother, more precise cuts and a blade spanner to allow for removal and installation of blades. Electric brake makes the blade slow down quickly as soon as you release the trigger, leaving no room for injury. Sometimes you want to work outdoors, and need to carry the saw with ease and keep it safe at the same time. Dewalt has a solution for you- a heavy duty carry case for your convenience.


Dewalt DWE560K - Pros & Cons



  • Powerful 1350W Motor
  • Max Cut Depth @ 90º : 65mm
  • 184mm Blade



  • None