• makita dvc350z review Makita DVC350Z Review – 18V Li-ion Vacuum Cleaner - Makita DVC350Z Review A multi-purpose home tool, the Makita DVC350Z doubles up as a vacuum cleaner and a leaf blower. Built for portability and efficiency, the cordless DVC350Z is not only powerful but also light enough to make every day cleaning easy. The Makita is powered by an 18V Lithium-ion BL1830 battery that supplies up
  • sealey pc200sd review Sealey PC200SD Review – Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner - Sealey PC200SD Review Sometimes, you need to tackle more than dry dirt, and a wet dry vacuum cleaner is just what you need. To drain your liquid spills, the Sealey PC200SD uses 2 bucket like devices that separate liquids and solids in different chambers in place of a vacuum bag. It runs smoothly and is
  • makita dcl182z review Makita DCL182Z Review – 18V Vacuum Cleaner - Makita DCL182Z Review Many are the uses of a vacuum cleaner, but add efficiency and convenience when your vacuum cleaner is cordless. Makita have fused cordless convenience and superb convenience in the DCL182Z vacuum cleaner, producing a lightweight cleaner with which you reach anywhere you want, the wall or higher furniture. The unit is battery
  • dewalt dcv584l review Dewalt DCV584L Review - Dewalt DCV584L Review A new Dewalt power tool has come up, and it is the Dewalt DCV584L 18V flexvolt ac/dc wet/dry vacuum cleaner.  This is a versatile unit that can be used for a wide range of functions from unclogging sinks to cleaning your carpet. Sometimes you need to deal with more than bread crumbs