evolution hulk review

Evolution Hulk Review – Compactor / Whacker Review

evolution hulk review

Evolution Hulk Review

A whacker? It’s the heavy vibratory compaction machine with a large flat plate as the base. It allows for compacting down of materials until they are closely knitted and firm. It is a useful tool in construction of solid foundations when building turf, driveways or a path. There is more to it than this, but that is basically what a whacker is.

The Evolution Hulk is ideal for your landscaping/building needs and is a very cost-effective alternative to hiring because of its incredible pricing. With a 2.4hp engine power and a 780W induction motor, you can rest assured of professional performance. The machine is compact, portable and is the best suit for surface preparation when you require evenly compacted ground either for block paving, sub-base preparation, patios and more.

In addition to the light weight and compactness, a folding handle is featured for more convenient transportation, even in restricted areas. The induction motor emits no harmful fumes which on top of being eco-friendly allow you to work in confined places. Its power is further enhanced by a high centrifugal force delivered by the thick and durable base plate. A low frequency(90Hz) and high amplitude allows for even better soil compaction.

Noise is sometimes with machines especially when working in busy areas, but not with the Evolution Hulk. It’s durable and requires little maintenance, saving you the extra expense. For your comfort during operation, it has a vibration damper system so you do not have to shake as often as the engine. The unit is even easier to operate with an easy pull start. All you need is to plug in and pull start. Its package contains the unit, a handle extension, thumb screws, spark plug box spanner a 500ml engine oil bottle and an instruction manual so you can kick off immediately.


Evolution Hulk - Pros & Cons


  • Features include an easy pull start for quick starting


  • None