garden log cabins for sale

Garden Log Cabins For Sale

garden log cabins for sale

Winchester Log Cabin by BillyOh

This model is available in 3 sizes, it features opening windows if it get to hot in the summer you can open the window, not like some which are fixed. It has single and double glazing options should you need the double glazing if you are in the country and you get bed weather it would make sense. You can also choose the floor thickness from 11mm, 19mm and the strongest floor thickness of 28mm. The wall thickness is from 44mm or you can choose a 70mm think wall for a bit more solid feel. It does have the option of being pressure treated if you wish but the majority will just get some high quality paint and give it a good couple of coats on paint.

What You Get With The Log Cabin

  • Georgian glazed door which is a modern design
  • You get the fittings & fixtures
  • All the bearers are pressure treated
  • Easy to follow instructions to build your log cabin

Optional Extras

  • T & G Interlocking Boards (28mm, 44mm or 70mm)
  • T & G Roof (11mm or 19mm)
  • T & G Floor (Bearers, 11mm, 19mm or 28mm)
  • Roof Cover
  • Pressure Treating Option (28mm or 44mm)


log cabins pros and cons

Log Cabins Pros and Cons



  • 10 Year anti-rot warranty
  • Easy assembly
  • 14 Day returns if your not happy
  • Fixtures and fittings included



  • Roof Cover is optional


Log Cabins Flat Pack & Delivered Direct To Your Door

log cabins flat pack

Like most of us when we buy or rent a house we always seem to run out of space, whether its because we buy more items to put in our home or maybe you need an extra bedroom for when you have guests round. A log cabin can be the ideal solution to your problems. You can even put a small log burner or central heating in your flat pack log cabin. Before you start the build have a think of what you want out of your log cabin, as you can install underfloor heating when you build it or you can even have some radiators put in while you are building so it doesn’t create any further work when its built