Hitachi RB40VA Blower Reviews

Hitachi RB40VA Blower Reviews

Hitachi RB40VA Blower Reviews


Hitachi RB40VA Leaf Blower & Dust Collector

The Hitachi RB40VA is an innovative piece of equipment with a little more than competing brands in the leaf-blower market while maintaining power efficiency, a key part of the Hitachi mission. The RB40VA by Hitachi is a great leaf blower and it can be used as a dust collector which is a great feature


The RB40VA, a corded leaf blower, consumes 550Watts of power while delivering an air volume of up to 3.8 cubic meters of air per minute with an air pressure of up to 5.5kPascal capable of tackling the toughest jobs. The motor also has a no load rotation speed of up to 16,000 rotations per minute. The Hitachi is quite a user-friendly tool with a variable trigger used to control the speed of the blower for whatever application the user wants to put it to. The Japanese manufactured blower is also fitted with a soft grip wrap-around handle for easier use at any angle and to reduce the vibrations reaching the user’s hand. Weighing just 1.7Kg, the Hitachi RB40VA is a lightweight blower that is easily ported and easily used. What sets aside the Hitachi from other leaf-blowers is its dual modes. The blower doubles as both a leaf-blower and a dust collector while in dust collector mode. The RB40VA is also fitted with a 447mm nozzle to ensure that the maximum wind pressure generated is optimally used. The RB40VA ships with a dust collection bag. The dust bag is used for dust extraction during dust collection mode. While the Hitachi uses motors with brushes, the brushes are designed in such a way that they are easy to check and replace. Unlike its predecessor, the fan of the RB40VA is a high efficiency impeller fan that offers up to 65% more output air volume. The company also throws in a three-year warranty on the purchase of the Hitachi RB40VA.


Hitachi RB40VA Leaf Blower Pros & Cons



  • Air pressure: 0-56l/min Aq
  • Air volume: 0-3.8m
  • Can be either blower or dust collection



  • Due to its corded nature, the blower has a limited range of use depending on the cable length.
  • Its motors use brushes and therefore have a shorter life than brushless motors.