lay z spa miami reviews

Lay Z Spa Miami Reviews

lay z spa miami reviews

Bestway Lay Z Spa Miami Review – Ultimate Relaxing Experience

Lay-Z-Spa Miami Air jet Review

The Lay-Z-Spa Miami Air jet is an inflatable hot tub spa that combines the advantages of a normal hot tub with the luxury of a spa bath. The electric powered portable tub is the height of home luxury and is one of the best-selling portable hot water tubs in the UK.

The Lay-Z-Spa by Bestway is quite easy to set up. After inflating and filling it with water, all one has to do is connect the pump heater and turn on the air blower. Once fully set up, the spa has a water capacity of 800L. It is however recommended to only fill the tub to 80 percent of its capacity for optimum use. When full, it can comfortably accommodate 2 – 4 people, making it an awesome relaxation spot for a couple or a small family.

The outer lining of the Lay-Z-Spa is reinforced with 48 vertical I-Beams to withstand any pressure from the inside, allowing you to lean back and relax while providing ample back support. It also has an inflatable floor for better relaxation. When empty and un inflated, the tub can be easily carried using two handles on its side.

The tub has a 3-in-one water pump, heater and filtration system. The 2HP pump with an inbuilt filtration system ensures proper circulation of water in the pump and also runs the massage system. The 2KW heater can heat water up to 40 degrees Celsius and the temperature can be digitally controlled. The tub has an 81 Air-jets massage system that simply consists of 81 Air-jet strewn around the tub floor. An inbuilt energy-saving timer ensures no energy is wasted by turning off the Air-jet when not in use. The timer can also allow you to schedule the tub to start heating at a specific time so that it can be ready whenever you need it to be. An inflatable lid provides protection and additional insulation. A hard top cover prevents dirt and debris from entering the tub.

The Lay-Z-Spa has several cons. Constant exposure to weather elements may wear the tub out. It also has a very short warranty of 6 months for the inflatable parts.

What Did You Just Read? A £10000 Valued Hot Tub & Spa for the Lazy sum of £399 and it is Uncutable & Inflatable? Impossible? In a review, what exactly is a “Lay Z Miami Spa” Find out how you can get yourself one! Or 2… whatever Rows your boat. Just Read!

If the title caught your attention then consider yourself amongst the lucky ones so read on because we will seriously introduce you to extremely important health and money saving reasons as to why you should… no… must buy a Lay Z Spa especially if you are located in the UK or France or anywhere else in the world for that matter (heck even Miami Since most of the SEO will be coming from these places anyway). The 2nd and 4th topics will shock you the most (we also left very important info and goodies there so be sure to read it)!


1.       For those that are too lazy or busy to read through though, you must at least read the summary below, watch the video (but you won’t get a full feel of the product) and jump to the conclusion.

2.       This will not only be a review of everything good about the product, there will be realistic points of view only backed by long term users claims, their challenges and also the challenges the products face. The final conclusion is yours to make.

3.       We will not be held accountable in any shape or form for any damages or losses incurred. This article is only intended for the purpose of reviews.

Summary Of Topics And A Quick Review Of The Lay-Z Miami Spa:

SpecificationsPoints (Out Of 5)Details
Size5Perfect fit
Price5Look at the price of the product and your budget. If the total price plus the shipping is also included then it is all good for you. Not that if you could afford more expensive ones then go for it, they offer a lot of unseen advantages
Number of Users24-6 Home Use SOHO use (Small Office/Home Office Use) Small Business Use
Scalability?We don’t know if they would be offering bigger solutions for bigger clients of the same make but that would all depend on a lot of factors because so far the Spa/Sauna systems build to fill this particular need are doing it quick well
Comfort3Much as it is very comfortable modern Spa’s have been specifically designed for maximum comfort and arrangement. That is to not say the Lay-Z Miami Spa is not comfortable, in fact it is! The arrangement just needs fixing and there are already products that come with it to address this need.
Layout3As mentioned in the point above
Aesthetics3But don’t let looks deceive you!
Setup5Easy to setup
Complexity (Ease Of)5Easy to use
Maintenance5Easy to maintain
Consumption5Very low and efficient
Flexibility5Very adaptable Kids can use it too!
Use5Multitude of uses
Frequency Of Use5A lot
Practicality5No empty promises they deliver what they say they deliver
Durability5Extremely durable yet comfortable and flexible
Liability5Little liability unless otherwise stated or newly discovered
Customer Support (Financial & Technical)5Excellent customer support
Online Community5Huge online community for a product in its service line. Which is at times good for end users
ROI5Comes with long term advantages
Future Support Or Upgrades?We never got any updates if it would have been possible to exchange it for an upgrade if there was any need for an upgrade
Hidden Features Or Advantages?Most of them have already been put out to the light which is good from a consumer stand point. That is why it is better to approach bigger, more professionally made Spa providers because their products offer this and this is a very key ingredient
Delivery5On time and Speedy despite been free for some
Guarantee56 months and 12 months on 2 different products plus 6 months additives if you sign up within 28 days of purchase

1 Lay Z Miami Hot Variations and Varied Uses – VIDEO Hosted By

Review 1: What Is A Lay Z Hot Spa

What Exactly Is The Lay Z Hot Spa

In layman’s terms, it is an inflatable hot tub carefully engineered, crafted and then perfected to meet your needs in terms of hot spas. With a liner, a pump, A foldable cover, 2 filter cartridges, a chemical floater, a repair kit, an Airjet system and many more accessories that you could order with it! You are not only assured comfort with cutting edge health providing technology but also a safe return on your investment in the long run (considering the price).

How Do You Get A Lay Z Hot Spa

For any other additional questions please do feel free to contact the posters “Sam” or “Gemma”. If you still need some support, you are able to contact us on our contact us page. We are currently answering enquiries within an average response time of 2-3 days. Or Leave your questions in the comments below.

How To Select The Best Lay Z Hot Spa

Now that you at least know what a Lay Z Hot Spa is you will learn how to select the best ones that suits your needs. You can skip this part and jump straight to the topics that most interest you. However! I advise you not to be lazy and read on. Should you ever skip the technical specifications part you might or might not miss very important key information. Well if you still insist on jumping forward be sure to check the summaries on what Lay Z Hot Spa best suit you to avoid over purchasing or any inconveniences.

2 Lay Z Miami Hot Spa On The Spa Comparison Chart – It Does Seem Well Balanced

Technical Specifications of The Lay Z Miami Spa And All It’s Varied Accessories

Technical Specifications of the Lay Z Miami Spa

What It Comes With By DefaultFeautresExtra Accessories That Can Be Purchased With It
·         A liner ·         An Airjet system ·         A pump ·         A foldable cover ·         2 filter cartridges ·         A chemical floater ·         A repair kit·         Lay-Z Massage Jets or AirJets ·         Rapid heating system of upto 40° (104°F) ·         Inflatable Hot Tub ·         Leatheroid cover with easy fastening clips also for child protection ·         Child Protective feature that makes the buttons unresponsive for children to not tamper with it outside of supervision ·         Can hold 4-6 people ·         Digitally controlled pump ·         1Year Warranty·         Drinks Holder ·         Entertainment Station ·         Floor Protector ·         Floating Spa Light ·         Neck Pillow

3 Lay Z Spa Miami With Floor Protection That You Would Have To Purchase Separately

4 Drink Holder, Entertainment System, Floor Protection, Floating Spa Light, Neck Pillow

Review 2: Why You Should Purchase a Lazy Hot Spa

Well if you made it this far and weren’t lazy, the gift we left is that there will be “0% Financing” offered for those that genuinely need to buy The Lay Z Hot Spa. check out review 4

The Health Benefits Of The Lay Z Hot Spa

Spas or hot tubs are usually used for a variety of reasons but did you know that hot spas could also be used for remedial reasons to treat and recover sick patients suffering with lifelong diseases (let’s hope that it wouldn’t be the case in the future)?

Below we see just a glimpse of how you would go about using your Spa or Spa Tub to achieve a more healthy life style:


Get some essentials oils specifically designed for Spas and you are good to go. Turn on some music or watch your favorite show from your devices whilst you relax in the Spa. Have a drink too if you want. Essential oils like with a Lemon or Yuzu aroma is more than enough to leave you feeling refreshed after your relaxing Spa session.

Stress Reduction:

Simply look into essential oils or Aromatherapy. There are a lot of solutions to Spa bathing and use of essentials oils to alleviate extreme stress but a simple look into aromatherapy would give you a quick answer.

Solve Muscle Tension:

Spa’s in general with the right amount of ingredients (followed by only a doctor’s orders or medical guidance) allows people like athletes or body builders to alleviate them from muscle tension, muscle pulls, irritation of muscle pains. It can be applicable to your everyday Joe or Sally also.

Heal Wounds/Sanitize Them

You could make an Epsom salts bath. Simply bring a large pot of water to the boil and then pour the water somewhere to cool off. When it reaches a comfortable temperature, add 1/2 cup of the salts and stir until fully dissolved. Soak for 10 to 15 minutes. Rinse and pat dry with finished

Or have an “Apple Cider Vinegar Bath”. This helps relieve sore muscles, itchy skin, and sunburn. Vinegar helps draw pollutants out of the body. It is an acid medium and contains alpha hydroxy acids. It is also mildly antiseptic, antifungal and naturally deodorizing.

There are a lot of ideas so don’t be restricted to only these 2.


With the right herds, the right medicine and right methods (under the right therapeutical advice) you could detoxify yourself and rid your body of unwanted or harmful toxins. You would have to do things like:

·         Lymphatic Drainage Massage

·         Seaweed or Salt Bath

·         Salt Scrub

·         Dry Brushing

·         Movement

·         Gua Sha

·         Sauna or Steam Bath

·         Fango

·         Body Wrap

·         Aquavana

·         Juice Fast/Cleanse

·         High-Alkaline Diet

Kate Phillips over at “Spafinder” did an amazing job of writing about this go check it out if you have time

Therapeutic Applications

Can be psychological or physical, depends on what the doctors, researchers and scientists want to use and to achieve what purpose. Like:

·         Meditation

·         Removal of sickly Body Oder’s

·         Skin treatment

·         Mind detoxification

Additional Health Benefits For Older People:

Here we take a look into some information that is not so common ground. It is highly overlooked but it is very important for older people of the aging population:

·         Alleviates arthritis and other bone or joint problems

·         Helps with older patients  with diabetes

·         Therapeutic and re-educative purposes

·         Longevity

·         Nail Softening

·         Skin treatment

·         Detoxification

·         Treating Lower back pains

·         Re-educative purposes or post healing processes in Thermo-medical centers or Hospitals


We think this is the most important point.

Thermo-medical centers specifically designed to reintegrate or re-educate people who have recently recovered use Spas or Saunas for this. Yes it is good to own your own private Spa but it would be much much better to visit one for a lot of the health and longevity properties they offer. They of course do this on a professional basis so it would be much better to visit really Spas, Sauna’s or Thermo-medical Centers.

Medial Application:

Used to treat disease like the ones mentioned in the next point

List Of Ailments Healed By Thermotherapy or Balneotherapy

1.       Arthritis

2.       Rheumatism

3.       Diabetes

The Wealth Benefits Of The Lay Z Hot Spa

Here you have ways in which they could use it to build wealth like not spending a lot of cash on meds, social building, saving money, the best money can buy, portable ideas, savings on bills, easy to set up, saves installation bills, can be installed anywhere even RVs and camps, a lot more to come etc…

Business Negotiations

Despite Miami’s temperate climates some might consider it counter intuitive to have hot tubs or hot spas but when you think of it in retrospect it can really be a great asset when you talk of things like Business Negotiations. If you are a great host and know how to play your cards correctly you could whip out the Laz y Hot Spa and impress your guest with a slew of interesting things you could concoct with it to put your guest at ease and facilitate negotiations. Did we mention that it doesn’t have to be in one key area? That is because you could port your inflatable Lay Z Spa anywhere… even during company camping sessions.

Note that this is not only applicable to places like Miami though, you can do it in almost any other countries like UK, France, Brazil, Canada, China, Japan, South Korean, South Africa, Australia, Russia and even Mauritius.

Save On Medical Bills

Longevity, less stress, quick recovery is leaves you with the ability to take on more roles and improve yourself given the right balance. Simply said, the healthier you are the easier it is to attain wealth.

Save On Running Costs or Bills or Maintenance Bills

Running costs and electric bills are the small nuances or details in part of owning a sauna or spa that is not really thought about well will cost you a fortune. That is to say the bigger it is the more expensive it is to run and maintain (let’s not forget about the technical aspects behind owning one and the need for technically skilled labor workers to maintain it). A huge advantage of the Lay-Z Miami Spa is that this is not a problem you’d be facing.

That been said, it is to be noted however though that there is nothing wrong with owning a professionally installed Spa or Sauna. There are a multitude of reasons to owning a professionally made Spa or Sauna (like it offers you a lot of unseen advantages, things like status and an air of professionality). On the flip side though it isn’t also bad to own a Lay-Z Miami Hot Spa.

Save On Installation Costs

Easier design and a multitude of support communities makes it easier to even assign the tasks or basic (not advanced) repairs to anyone. This save households a lot or money.

Save On Future Costs

Due to their amazing customer support, great financial/guarantee system and easy intuitive design of the product, things like break downs are as easy to solve as they have ever been. Just a call away from a replacement or an order away for additional products or spare parts makes life easier for busy people.

Save On Gym Costs

If you could own a simple local or indoor gym or a gym membership where you don’t have to use their expensive high tech Spa’s or higher Gym Therapists then the personal Spa is the way to go.

What Sets The Lay Z Miami Hot Spa Apart From Traditional Spas or Hot Tubs

·         Price wise it is good for a self-owned Spa

·         Power and resource efficient

·         Easy to clean

·         Portability

·         Easy to setup and maintain

What Sets The Lay Z Hot Spa Miami Apart From Other Hot Spas or Tubs

·         Price wise it is so far the best value you get for money spent

·         The equilibrium of the water flow is easy to control

·         The financial systems and warranties set in place are very attractive

·         Durability

·         Easy to setup and maintain

What Other People Are Saying About The Lay Z Hot Spa

Here you have what other people say about the product or mini testimonials highlighting the best points in 1 small sentence for details you’d have to continue reading or jump to the “Testimonial Section”

1.       Vxxxxxx: “Good quality product comes with lots of accessories. We are happy with our purchase.”

2.       Jxxxxxxxxxx: “The motors are really LOUD! But other than that it was quite a worthy purchase.”

3.       Axxxxxxxx: “Good stuff and very secure for toddlers! Inflatable tarp can be mounted so it is good for kids!”

4.       Uneviea5: “Wow! Look into an inflatable Spa that will never cease to amaze you!” (she also did a review on it so go check her website out)

5 Uneviea5 and family in Lay Z Miami Spa

Review 3: How to Use a Lay Z Hot Spa

How To Technically Use The Lay Z Hot Spa

A summary of the Technical details of the Lay Z Miami Spa as per product documentations:

Please refer to the “Lay Z Spa Miami instructions” pdf

The Best Way To Setup a Lay-Z Spa Miami Or How To Install The Lay Z Miami Hot Spa

Below we will have a look at how to properly install a Lay-Z Miami Spa.

6 Video On Setting Up Lay-Z Miami Spa Link:

Below we will show you how to have your Llay-Z Miami Spa Set up in less than an our complimentary of the “uneviea5” website and blogpost (Go check her blogpost out for more goodies like these ones)

Before we have it setup make sure to have the following with you:

•             A liner

•             A pump

•             A foldable cover

•             2 filter cartridges

•             A chemical floater

•             A repair kit

•             An Airjet system


Be sure to pick the best spots where the floor us straight and smooth, there is an electric and water output nearby and it has to be a place where you could easily unload and reload water onto.

Now let us begin installing or setting up the Lay-Z Miami Hot Spa

Once it is full of air all that is left to do is to connect the base to the main control unit/device and then connect the filter. After that fill it up with 580-620 liters of water.

If you notice the cover and body have a child protection feature to protect childrend from opening the Lay-Z Miami-Spa without Adult supervision and also conserving the heat at 60° when you are not using it.

The control unit is also designed to be slightly unresponsive so children are not able to run it without adult supervision. All in all some great features.

And that is all! Enjoy your Hot Spa!

So far these are steps from a veteran Spa user, you can basically call it “a review of one of The Best Way To Setup a Lay-Z Spa Miami” (Just have a look at the “uneviea5” and their Lay-Z Spa Miami review)

How To Clean The Filters

Disconnect the Lay-Z Miami Spa from the electric current. Remove the water in the Lay-Z Spa Miami and then Unmount the Lay-Z Spa control unit and take the filter out. Open the filter container then simple wash or replace it:

How To Properly Use The Lay Z Miami Hot Spa or Any Personal Spa For That Matter

Take a Good Bath Before Sharing The Spa

Might seem intuitive but if it is a huge group of strangers are using 1 spa then it would logically be recommended that each and every member wash every nook and cranny on their body before dipping into the Spa with you. If this is however impossible or they get too lazy to do it then fear not Lay Z Hot Spa has got you covered.

For such cases use something like the “HTH Spa pH plus 1.2Kg Powder” as a form of non-eye irritating Spa water sanitizers.

7 “HTH Spa pH plus 1.2Kg Powder” as a form of non-eye irritating Spa water sanitizers

Use Bacteria Killing Solvents With The Spa

Well if the point above is too much or a hustle you can always add bacteria killing solvents into the Spa or tub. Be sure to buy extra or finding supplements that work for you in case the ones you have in store run out.

For such cases use something like the “HTH Spa pH plus 1.2Kg Powder”.

How To Get The Best Out The Lay Z Hot Spa

Buy A Surplus

You might read this and find it counter intuitive but actually buying a surplus of remedial supplements or spare parts would save you a lot of money, time and energy later on when you really need or when (say something) in the inflatable Lay Z Hot Spa goes wrong. You just wouldn’t want to go unprepared.

Sit Correctly

A lot of users of the Lay-Z Miami Spa can’t stop emphasizing this point, though it is designed to be more comfortable as you can maybe more around instead of been constricted to one spot

Buy The Right Accessories

Buy the right accessories and spare parts to avoid regretting anything in the future or missing out on deals

Plan Ahead

Have what you need ready for the right situations. If you are going to be with kids that love moving around a lot then plan accordingly, you wouldn’t want to have water around the house of your device in water because you decided to use the Drink Accessory for holding it instead of the External Entertainment System

Use all the advantages offered to you

Free shipping, reviews, what correct accessories to buy for the situation. All these are to help you make the best decision so you should take advantages of these opportunities awarded to you.

How To Select The Best The Lay Z Hot Spa

Tally up all the points we have talk about previously and based on your needs calculate on see which accessories suit you best. Or keep these simple questions in mind (here is an example):

1.       Will you use it for business negotiations?

2.       Will you use it for high level social events?

3.       Are you a person of status?

4.       Are you okay with buying expensive but complete sets of things?

5.       Do you love extreme quality?

6.       Do you organize social events?

If you answered yes to any of those then get yourself a Lay-Z Miami Spa with a full set of accessories:

·         1 x Floating Spa Light

·         3 x Drinks Holder

·         1 x Entertainment Station

·         1 x Floor Protector

·         8 x Filtering Cartridges

·         5 x Parfum de spa L’Elegant 150ml

·         2 x HTH Spa pH plus Powder – 1,2kg

Surprising Ways To Use The Lay Z Hot Spa


Believe it or not. Some people do take “Spa Bath’s” instead of the normal showers or baths other people perform during their habitual cleaning routes

8 Believe or not portable Spa baths do exist and that is awesome

Medical Applications

As mentioned in the points earlier, it is not quite so common yet but is building up in popularity

Romantic Situations

If you ever need to wow your partner you can always use the sensual aromatic “Parfum de spa L’Elegant 150ml” found with brands like L’Elegant (complimentary of the “camylle” website)

9 “Parfum de spa L’Elegant 150ml” complimentary of the “Camylle” Website

Professional Reasons

From Cooperate Negotiations to team building or group fortifications, this is your best tool to get the team together. Add some good incense, some relaxing music or a good movie and you are good to go.

This can also be things like having a simple Spa in the work place or work place gym to grant your colleagues or employees the amazing opportunity of trying out one of these.

Much as this is so, it is quite important that professional setting setup professional hospital grade Spa’s if they could or need to as the benefits of such Spa’s or systems far exceed personally owned Spa’s.

4 Seasons 4 Different Places

There is a Lay-Z Miami Hot Spa user that decided to use his Spa in 4 different styles in 4 different locations in 4 different seasons. We don’t know how it went but he was so hyped up about it after he had achieved this task and urged the other to try it out

Out Camping or Traveling

If you RV contains the resources necessary to activate your Lay-Z Miami Spa in the middle of nowhere then why not. It is also very portable that you could take it with you to different places like: Schools, Company Outings, Family gatherings etc… to wow people if it hasn’t become that popular yet

Watching Movies Whilst In The Lay-Z Spa

You could setup your Lay-Z Miami Spa next to a projector out doors or or indoors and watch a movie with your friends, loved ones or colleagues

You could also get a couple “Drink Holders” to hold your drinks (or electronic pdas) and a “Entertainment Station” entertainment system to hold your electronics as you chat and listen to some music. To keep the place from getting messy you could get the “Floor Protector”. That way you concentrate on the things that really matter.

10 Lay-Z Miami Accessories for Team Building Or Friends

Family Reasons

Some want to create good memories with their children. Some buy it for their parents or children for the medical properties Whatever it is the case a number of buyers buy or use it for family reasons

Get the Best Out Of It Alone

Use it by yourself but with all the luxurious additives to better get a grasp of what works and what doesn’t work

Drinking In The Hot Springs

Some people prefer to have drinks whilst in the hot springs, onsens or spas

What You Can Use It With The Lay Z Hot Spa

Here is a list of other certified products you could use with your Lay-Z Miami Spa

Review 4: How You Can Get The Lay Z Hot Spa With 0% Financing

You heard right! Financing! If it wasn’t enough that we would be giving away a Spa worth thousands upon thousands we also offer free shipping for those in the UK or special cases and a financing system for people genuinely interested in purchasing The Lay Z Miami Hot Spa!

What is 0% Financing

What is 0% Financing? Simply put we offer methods to facilitate the payments of the Lay Z Spa.

Details 0%Financing

Step 1: You deposit a desired amount of the percentage of the price that you want pay be it 10%, 20%, 30% etc… on say a product or £399 (in this example that is a deposit of £79,9)

Step 2: You choose the rates that suit you for a period between 6 to 12 months example you choose the 12 months payment period on a 20% payment program

Step 2: Make small manageable down payments based on the rates and timeframe you specified in Step 2 for payments. Example Your payments will be £26.6 per month

FAQs About 0% Financing

What If You Have Bad Credit?

Your credit card report or records will be checked and if your credit score is poor your application may be referred to an underwriter or even declined. If you feel this was in error then we recommend contacting Citizens Advice who will be able to help you understand your credit history and correct any errors.

Are There Hidden Costs?

No. Normally there shouldn’t be.

Who can apply?

We apologize but at the moment students, unemployed or people from single households are not eligible.

Review 5: FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) About The Lay Z Hot Spa

Why Is It So Cheap?

Well considering that you are been given the best breed there is in the market at a close to unattainable price it wouldn’t be a wonder why you would ask “why it is so cheap”? Good! Because the answer is simple, long durations in industrialization and streamlined production lines in the industrial sector have given you this product and as such the prices are so low (particularly for this product).That is of course In addition to a lot of other factors.

What forms of Payment Options Do We Accept??

We accept almost every form of payment options and try to avail ourselves to those in need:

·         All credit card options are open

·         Cash payments if you are next to the locale are acceptable

·         Paypal

How long until You get Your Delivery Upon Purchase?

There are 3 methods to delivery:

1.       Free delivery: Estimated at 3 working days

2.       Express Delivery: Estimated at 2 working days (costs £4.99)

3.       Saturday Delivery: Orders before 5pm Thursday arrive on Saturday (£24.99)

Which Places Are Eligible For Free Shipping?

As of this writing the following areas are eligible for free shipping:

·         All of the UK (free shipping on official website)

·         France (free shipping on Amazon)

·         Las Vegas (free shipping on Amazon)

For any other additional questions please do feel free to contact the posters “Sam” or “Gemma”. If you still need some support, you are able to contact us on our contact form. We are currently answering enquiries within an average response time of 2-3 days. Or Leave your questions in the comments below.

Testimonials, Awards And Case Studies

Here, much as these reviews seems kind of informal, it is always important to step back a bit and show the formal/professional side of it. Below are real testimonials, reviews or case studies about the product that you will most find interesting:


1.       As a review it is imperative that the products have good testimonials and reviews or screenshots of the reviews or translated reviews for everyone to get a deeper understanding of the product.

2.       As for case studies it is important to note things like which institutions, hospitals, hotels or companies use them to succeed or to solve which problems etc…


In depth reviews about the Lay-Z Miami Spa taken from here and there and so far they have been good. Averaging 5-Stars in multiple websites and review sites (Some Names Have Been Changed To Protect Their Identity):

In depth reviews about the Lay-Z Miami Spa
“Very good product we are delighted with our purchase it really made us happy and also made our teenagers happy too. The SPA is of very good quality, very easy to mount and use (few buttons, it’s clear and fast) _ The aesthetic aspect is on point, we chose the color blue night because we found it more  “chic ” and it has these small effects that we love. We regret the antimacassars that are unusable because they do not fit on the ledge, but it’s really the only thing that’s wrong! 😉 Finally, about the performance it is so far so good. As for the Customer Service they are very attentive and quick to answers. The delivery was very fast and really perfect packaging!! Thank you!” – User From France (Translated)
“A device built for Royalty, though a little loud.” – User Lay-Z Miami User From France (Translated))
“The spa is easy to install. The ball massage system is very efficient. You can sit on the ledge without it crashing. We are happy with our purchase. It is necessary to plan the purchase of a 6-seater spa for the use of 4 persons. The cover of the spa allows it to keep the water at a high temperature.”
“Amazed by the quality of the different elements. Yet I don’t see it anywhere been classified as an entry level product? There… I confess to have been in the wrong and a bit on the prejudice about this product before I bought it or heard about this product. So I bought to see how frequently I needed to use it before it got spoiled unlike a “true spa” that would have been 20 times more expensive. I find it difficult to accept now the difference in price. Relaxation is there, the quality of heating and insulation exceed my expectations and a significant advantage, one can move, one is not molded in a preset place. Last advantage of it is that it can be carved, it can be moved according to the seasons (today on the terrace, it will go in the veranda this winter). Price report unbeatable pleasure.  ” – User From France (Translated)


They are the World’s First premium inflatable hot tub provider and UK’s bestselling hot tube brand with a community of more than 200,000 happy users.

11 They are the World’s First premium inflatable hot tub provider and UK’s bestselling hot tube brand with a community of more than 200,000 happy users.

Case Studies:

1.            Arthritis

Heat Therapy or commonly referred to by doctors as Thermotherapy is the use of heat and such therapy for pain relief. Such as hot water, ultra sound, heating pad, hydrocollator and whirlpool baths etc… It can be very beneficial to those with arthritis, stiff muscle and damage to the deep tissues of the skin.

2.            Rheumatism

A review and study on Rheumatism revealed that Spa therapy and Balneotherapy may be able to relieve the user of pain if you give the lower back a massage and increase the heat a bit or stay longer as suggested by Paul Ingraham over at “Painscience”

3.            Diabetes

Spa’s are mainly used to treat people with type 2 diabetes.

For several reasons, saunas and Finnish-style spas (alternating hot and cold) are often contra-indicated for people with diabetes, especially those being treated with insulin.

The high heat in saunas and spas can:

·         Cause excessive sweating, which can lead to dehydration, producing a decrease in blood volume and, consequently, higher blood glucose (sugar) levels.

·         Increase certain hormones that oppose the action of insulin, such as growth hormone and glucagon, which have a hyperglycemic effect (raising blood sugar).

·         Dilate the blood vessels, increase the speed of insulin absorption and cause unusual variations in blood glucose levels.

·         Dry out the skin and cause skin conditions or wounds.

In addition, diabetes predisposes sufferers to cardiac complications, a contra-indication of sauna use. Also, public spaces like swimming pools, showers and saunas increase the risk of contamination by fungal or other types of infections that can aggravate conditions like neuropathy (a complication of diabetes that affects the nerves).

Trivia About Spa’s In General

·         There is more than one colour and you could also choose them before you order

·         Kids have been known to be able to set it up in less than an hour

·         Kids or even toddlers can now use the Spa Lay Z Miami

·         There is a field that deals with Spa’s or Water as a means to heal people. It is a Thermo-medical field in medication that deals with using water to help cure or re-educate individuals. So far it has been tested and proved extremely efficient/effective and help to those that needed it. So far even Thermo-medical centers have been setup not only in the USA but also around the world.

·         Spas are called “Onsens” in Japan

·         Spa’s date back far passed the Meiji Era in Japan and are still around to date

·         In Japan even the animals enjoy the warm Spa baths

·         Public Spa’s or Saunas have become part of the human culture and have been present since the Roman Era and are still present in some European cultures and a lot of Asian cultures

·         Some people replace Spa time with bath time

Conclusion And Summary:

Should you purchase the Lay Z Miami Hot Spa?

From the information gathered, the studies done and the massive behind the scenes research that has happened to provide this simple review or blog… yes! A strong absolute and resounding YES! At such a price and all the features offered by it and future contributions it brings, it should definitely be on anyone’s “to buy list”? If you can spend £600-£1000 on the latest technology (or £30,000 -£300,000 on boats & tools & cars) then why not just spend a few hundred bucks on something that will do you (and everyone) wonders in the long run?

Pros And Cons Of The Lay Z Miami Hot Spa/ Advantages And Disadvantages  Of The Lay Z Miami Hot Spa/

Pros And Cons  Of The Lay Z Miami Hot Spa/ Advantages And Disadvantages  Of The Lay Z Miami Hot Spa/
Pros or AdvantagesCons or Disadvantages
One of the biggest advantages of the Laz-y Z Miami Spa is that even kids or children have easily been able to set it up in a reported 1 hour timeframe as stated by a client who bought the Lay-Z Miami Spa from FranceSometimes the accessories, namely the neck pillows fall off of place
Inflatable but surprisingly very durableIt can be a quite loud
Very portable so instead of sticking to one place you can move it around depending on your needs or the seasons you encounter. This is of course a very huge pro to the Lay-Z Miami Spa as we will see in the next pointControls  in rare occasions bugs so you need to press them longer or twice at times
The size is just perfect. Not too big to be to inconveniencing and not too small to make the users feel uncomfortable. Yet it was designed to fit 4-6 people which is an amazing design or Engineering feat in and of itself
Despite been inflatable it is quite durable, this means that it would last for quite a while. Rarely breaks down if well taken care of
Easy maintenance
Amazing Customer Service Support despite it been a cheap product (sometimes those 2 don’t go hand in hand)
The biggest pro or advantage of the Lay-Z Miami Spa is that it offers free shipping. Because shipping or delivery prices usually take a huge chunk of the budget when purchasing huge products. (for now free shipping of the Lay-Z Spa Miami is available to those in the UK)
A “0% Financing” system that is not offered a lot by other product vendors is the strongest suit for Lay-Z Miami Spa’s
An amazing community
Multipurpose and easy to clean
6 month and 12 months Warranty for the “Lay-Z-Spa Cover & Liner” and “Lay-Z-Spa Pump Heater” respectively + 6 months additional warranty for free is you register on their website within 28 days of purchase
It is cheap when compared to other options but covers just enough of what is needed for mini-personal needs
Various accessories keeps the surrounding areas dry so no mess no spills
There is an accessory for holding drinks and an entertainment accessory for music
The accessories allow people to keep their electronic devices close by or incase they need them
Kids or toddlers can now use the space securely

Leave a comment on which other features you would like to see it offer in the future.

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Lay Z Spa Miami - Pros & Cons



    • 81 airjets
    • Heats up to 40˚C
  • Soft-touch control unit



  • Inflatable Parts Warranty: 6 months (liner & lid)

Lay z spa miami instructions can be found in the manual below.

Lay z spa miami instructions