Log Cabin Shed Combination

Log Cabin Shed Combination – Pent Log Cabin Review

Log Cabin Shed Combination

Log Cabin Shed Combination – Pent Log Cabin Review

Emerging architectural trends and need for outdoor luxury space have led to the emergence of relaxation summerhouses such as the pent house log cabin. While the pent house can be used for relaxation and other luxury use such as a personal gym and as a visitors’ parlor, it also compliments the garden with its ultramodern style blending in with nature. Comprising of a normal pent house and a front overhang, the pent house is not only stylish but also practicable.

With a wide array of designs to choose from, the pent house can be customized to suit your tastes and needs.

The pent house consists of a modern overhang that shields any occupants seating under the overhang from the unforgiving summer sun and from the chill and cold of the cooler months while adding style to the entire edifice.

Window styling also adds taste to the otherwise already tasteful decor of the summerhouse. The owner can choose between traditional partitioned windows in the Georgian style and a more contemporary form of glazing. The windows could also have no glazing at all to give it a more airy feel. The width of the windows can also be made large to make the pent house look and feel more lit and airy.

Interlocking cladding makes the building more sturdy and strong while giving it a tasteful exterior. The nature of the building also protects it from harsh weather conditions. Roofing options can also be selected depending on the owner’s needs.

The summerhouse also features a patio beside the penthouse structure. It contains partial shading that protects the occupants from weather conditions such as sun. Potted plants are also added to the decor to give the area a more outdoorsy look.

Double doors are used to give the interior more exposure to the garden and fresh air and to maintain coolness in the penthouse.


Log Cabin Shed Combination Pros & Cons



  • 14 Day no fuss returns
  • 10 Year anti-rot warranty
  • Easy assembly



  • Extra for pressure treatead wood