makita 4350ct review

Makita 4350CT Review – Corded Jigsaw

makita 4350ct review


An interesting piece of innovative engineering, as is characteristic of all Makita products, the Makita 4350CT is far from a let down. The corded jigsaw uses a 240V 720-watt motor to deliver a no-load speed of between 800 and 2800 strokes per minute at 26mm (1 inch) strokes. It is fitted with constant speed control to ensure that the speed does not slacken under load. The constant 5-speed control is fitted as a knob that is located at the back of the handle. This allows changing and locking the jigsaw at a preferred speed.

The Makita 4350CT features a tool-less blade change system that allows easy release and changing of blades without having to be in contact with the hot blade during removal. The blade system is also designed to hug the blade tightly during use to avoid movement and ensure the user has a clean-cut finish. A 3 orbital setting dial with an additional straight cutting action button helps the user choose the aggressiveness of the cut by the simple turn of a lever.

The Makita is highly usable with the 2.5kg jigsaw’s handle fitted with an ergonomic design at the handle; a rubber-coated that ensures comfort and shock absorbent properties that make it easy to use for hours on end. A cover plate at the base of the metal plate protects against scratches on the work piece that would otherwise have been caused by the metal quality of the base. The bevel allows rotations of up to 45 degrees on either side for diagonal cutting. The Makita 4350CT can also be connected to the vacuum via a dedicated hose; helping you clean the mess as you make it. An inbuilt blower also keeps the cut line clean as you saw.

While most of the features of the 4350CT are common across the spectrum of jigsaws, it contains several unique features that set it apart from the conventional jigsaw. An LED light located at the bottom of the casing of the jigsaw, just in front of the blade, helps monitor the cut line even in dim lighting. The 4350CT is fitted with a shock repressing mechanism that absorbs the initial shock at the start, giving the tool a soft start. In as much as the 4350CT is an excellent piece of equipment, it is poorly designed for both-handed use; favouring only the right-handed users.


Makita 4350CT - Pros & Cons



  • 720W Motor
  • 135mm Wood Cutting Capacity
  • Variable speed control motor



  • Noise 95 dB(A)