makita dfr550z review

Makita DFR550Z Review – Auto Feed Cordless Screwdriver

makita dfr550z review


Makita DFR550 Review

Looking for an auto feed cordless screwdriver, the Makita DFR550 has high efficiency and rotational speed which makes your job a lot easier.

Its Makita again- the lead brand in tool production. This time around, they bring the DFR550Z Auto-feed screwdriver, your tool of choice for driving screws into timber and boards all day long. This impressive, efficient tool has a bunch of features, each playing its part in proving Makita’s undeniable skill in the tool production industry and making the auto-feed screwdriver stand out from the crowd. To begin with, the tool is compact, small and lightweight, at only 2.1kgs. This weight, with the fact that it is cordless, allows you to carry it around it around avoiding the inconvenience of dangling extension cords.

The tool is compatible with Lithium-ion batteries, so you never have to worry about the availability of power. Its batteries feature longer run-times and smart, fast charge technology, and are as well lighter than most in the market. A feature you will not fail to notice is the dust proof aluminium casing which helps smooth sliding while in action. Its silent clutch, in addition to offering you noiseless operation, reduces wear and tear making the tool much durable. It comes with a screw guide and an anti-tilt device that keeps screws from tangling by keeping the screw strips in place and keeping them from swaying, respectively. A lock-on button allows you to continuously use the tool without having to engage the trigger now and then. Switching from forward to reverse modes and vice versa is offered at the convenience of a button.  We couldn’t help but mention the adjustable stopper base that allows you choose between the 7 settings depending on screw length, from 25 to 55mm.

To top it all, the screwdriver’s ergonomic shape and rubber grip gives you comfort and control, reducing fatigue. Finally, the tool comes with carbon brushes easily accessible from the exterior, making maintenance a walk in the park. The only con is that you have to buy a battery and a charger separately, as they are not included in the pack.


Makita DFR550Z - Pros & Cons



  • Anti tilt device – prevents the screw from swaying
  • Screw lengths – 4 x 25 – 55m
  • Forward & reverse rotation – operable with one hand



  • Batteries or charger not included