makita dfs452z review

Makita DFS452Z Review

makita dfs452z review

Makita DFS452Z Review

The Makita DFS452 features push on technology when in lock on mode, this means the motor only starts when the fastener is ready for work and to save the battery.

It is one thing driving a screw, but another when it is into a drywall. In such a case, you need a powerful handy tool, which is what the Makita DFS452Z is. Cordless tools come with the limitation of power, but you will allow an exception for this one. It is an advanced model of the DFS451, developed to match the power of its corded model equivalent. You do not want to waste power when the device is idle, and the Push-drive technology takes care of this. Power consumption is minimized under no load, extending the battery run-time and saving you from noise and vibration when you take a break. The tool is made strong to last long; the aluminium case housing suggests.

Performance is redefined with the screwdriver’s high power to weight ratio, yielding power worth every gram of the tool you lift. Prolonged tool uses often generated heat, but that was a tale before this tool with brushless DC motor was availed. It is thus ideal for manufacturing and production application where it will need to run for several hours requiring some form of cooling. For protection from dust, liquids, and debris, the XPT (eXtreme Protection Technology) serves you best, allowing you to work in extreme conditions. A fuel gauge keeps you updated on the approximate remaining power so you can plan. Its lock-on button allows for continuous operation without engaging the trigger every now and then.

The battery and its life are protected, with a system that prevents over-discharge and circuit protection for longer battery cycle life. Working in dark conditions is no longer a problem with an LED job light with afterglow feature. For your comfort and convenience, you get an ergonomic soft rubber grip to absorb vibration. There is one con though; you will have to buy batteries, kit box and a charger separately.



Makita DFS452Z - Pros & Cons



  • Brushless motor
  • Battery fuel gauge
  • Forward & reverse rotation



  • Batteries, charger or kitbox are NOT included