makita dhp459rmj review

Makita DHP459RMJ Review – 18v LXT Brushless Combi Drill

makita dhp459rmj review

Makita DHP459RMJ Review

The Makita DHP459 is ultra compact at just 192mm and it features a brushless motor which makes the battery last longer so you can do more jobs without having to keep charging.

Built for lightweight and medium drilling and screwing functions, the Makita DHP459RMJ is designed explicitly with specialized features to achieve that goal. Its motor is built for speed and efficiency due to the nature of the work it is designed for.

The Makita DHP459RMJ is powered by an 18V Lithium-Ion battery with Makita LXT technology. Coupled with a brushless DC motor, the DHP459RMJ to works for longer periods of time without recharging. The 2-speed motor delivers up to 400 rotations per minute in low and a maximum of 1,500 rotations per minute on high mode with no load. The hammer piston of the DHP459RMJ also delivers a no-load maximum of 6,000 beats per minute in the low setting and a whopping 22,500 hits per minute in high mode. It has a drilling capacity of 38mm in wood and 13mm in both metal and concrete. The combo drill uses 3-jaw 13mm single sleeve keyless chunks. The drill also has 16 torque settings for fastening control and a maximum torque of 45Nm in hard and 25Nm in soft applications.

The DHP459RMJ ranks high on the user-friendly scale. An inbuilt LED light with pre-glow function ensures that work can be done even in low lighting. With two 4.0Ah batteries and a brushless motor, the Makita can work for insanely long times without a recharge. It also has a fast charger that fully charges the battery in less than 30min. This ensures you work seamlessly while alternating between the two batteries. An overall length of only 192mm, a weight of about 3.7 pounds(1.7Kg) and an additional belt clip make the DHP459RMJ a very portable tool to work with. The single-sleeve keyless chunk makes one-handed installation and removal of the chunk bit easy. The drill is also fitted with an electric brake for stopping once power is cut off. A Makpak carrying case provides proper transportation and storage of the tool. One can also switch between low and high power with the easy to reach speed trigger.

The combo drill, however, has no battery charge indicator to help in monitoring the amount of juice remaining in the battery.


Makita DHP459RMJ - Pros & Cons



  • 4Ah Battery lasts a long time.
  • Its compact and lightweight
  • Keyless chuck



  • LED Job light not the best