makita dhr242rmj review

Makita DHR242RMJ Review – 18v LXT SDS-Plus Hammer Drill

makita dhr242rmj review

Makita DHR242RMJ

The Makita DHR242RMJ features a rubber joint construction which minimises terminal breakage on the battery which can happen on other tools that are just plastic.

A member of the Makita rotary hammer family, the Makita DHR242RMJ uses the 4.0Ah dual 18V X2 Lithium-ion LXT (Lithium-Ion Extreme Technology) batteries which supply enough power to keep the cordless rotary hammer running for hours on end.

With its motors brushless for power efficiency, the Makita DHR242RMJ doesn’t lag on the job, producing from 0 to 950 rotations per minute in no-load speeds and 0 to 4,700 blows per minute with its SDS+ chunk. The motor also rams at 2.0J per impact when in hammer mode producing enough force to plunge the chunk deep into any material. The drill bit can also go up to 27mm deep into the wood, 13mm into steel and 24mm into concrete. As is characteristic of brushless motors, they consume charge at a slower rate, thus alleviating the need for constant recharging.

The DHR242RMJ has 3 modes of operation, offering one hammer only, drill only or hammer and drill for different types of application. It also has a separation between the top compartment and the drilling compartment made up of rubber. This prevents vibrations during work from reaching the battery and causing terminal breakage or loosening the connection between the battery and the device. It also cushions the user against the vibrations that could cause fatigue during prolonged use. Its soft rubberised handle ensures a perfect grip and allows use in multiple orientations. They also absorb residual shock that may reach the handle, providing comfortable use for the handler. The DHR242RMJ has a slot for a quick change Chuck mechanism that allows the user to release and change the chunk easily. An electronic brake and an easy reverse mechanism allow the user to stop and reverse the direction of drilling in a short time. The batteries also charge to full capacity in 32 minutes preventing delays in work completion due to power constraints. A MakPak carry case makes the DHR242RMJ easy to carry and store.

The Makita DHR242RMJ, however, does not ship with a Quick Change Chuck mechanism, unlike its successor, the Makita DHR243RMJ. This slows down the transition from drill to hammer mode. It also exposes the user to the drill bit that is usually hot after prolonged use if they do not procure the additional tool.



Makita DHR242RMJ - Pros & Cons



  • 4.0Ah Kit



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