Makita DMR200 Review

Makita DMR200 Review – On Site Bluetooth Speaker

Makita DMR200 Review

Makita DMR200

The DRM200 Bluetooth site speaker made by Matika is ideal for on site use within the construction industry, it features a range of up to 10 meters for Bluetooth connectivity, it even includes an AUX jack to plug a cd player or mp3 player into it.

With a durable build, dedicated speakers and Bluetooth support, the Makita DMR200 is the perfect speaker for small and medium indoor job sites. With an International Protection rating of IP64, the speaker can withstand exposure to debris, dust and even a substantial exposure to water.

The Makita DMR200 on-site speaker is truly versatile. It can be powered by any Makita battery, from the 18V LXT to the 14.4V and 12V CXT batteries, but performs optimally on the default 18V 4.0Ah Makita LXT battery. An AC mains connection can also be used to power the DMR200. The 10W DMR200 is just a speaker. It has no antenna, radio control or radio capabilities. It relies on audio sources from a phone, iPod or other music players. These can be fed to the speaker through a 3.5mm auxiliary port or its Bluetooth 2.0 with a 100 feet range. The 18V battery can power the speaker for up to 65 hours on aux mode only and up to a day on Bluetooth. Its control buttons are located at the top, right above the speaker. The face of the Makita DMR200 includes a 36mm tweeter and a 100mm woofer. It has a flat anti-slip top that allows items to be placed on it during work. A heavy rubber over-mould circles the entire speaker to provide shock protection. A large rubber-coated handle at the top can be used for transporting the speaker, and lies flush to the top of the radio when not in use. It also has an LED indicator when connected to an audio source via Bluetooth.

The Makita jobsite radio like most worksite radios and speakers has a storage compartment for mobile devices that supports up to 7-inch-long and 3.5inch wide phones. Devices in the storage compartment can still be charged from the 5.0V USB port at the side of the speaker.

Why Choose The Makita Bluetooth Speaker

The Makita DRM200 is an outstanding speaker to use on the job site as its loud so you can hear it when all the work is going on. It has an LED that shows how much battery is left and if it needs a charge. This model includes a USB port that will charge a mobile phone or similar small electronic device, there is even a storage compartment that will fit a mobile phone so it keeps it out of harms way even while charging. The DRM200 includes an AC power adapter as well.

Will My Battery Fit?

You will need to have power tools using LXT or CXT Batteries so they will fit in the DRM200 Speaker.

The DRM 200 is not compatible with Ni-CAD or NiMH Batteries or the G-Series Battery.

Get The Battery You Need Below

Makita BL1830 18v LXT 3.0Ah Li-Ion Battery (Single)


Makita BL1840 18v LXT 4.0Ah Li-Ion Battery (Single)

Makita BL1840 18v LXT 4.0Ah Li-Ion Battery

What happens if it rains on the DRM200

The Makita Bluetooth Speaker DRM200 is IP64 rated, this means its dust proof and shower proof which makes it an ideal on site speaker.

How long does it last for?

The Makita Radio has a run time with BL1850: AUX-IN = 65hrs / Bluetooth + USB = 11hrs, this should be more than enough time each day on Bluetooth or just use the AUX and its 65hrs. I do think that this is a very good jobsite radio with is excellent battery life compared to others on the market.

What size speakers does the DRM200 have?

Speakers: Woofer: 100mmØ, Tweeter: 36mmØ
Practical Output (18v): 10.0W

Makita Radio - DRM200 - Pro's and Con's



    • Bluetooth / USB & Aux Input

    • Weighs only 2.8kg

  • 10 Meter Bluetooth Range



  • Only works with LXT / CXT Battries

Additional information can be found in the Makita DMR200 manual below.

Makita DMR200 Manual