makita dss610z review

Makita DSS610Z Review – 18V Cordless Circular Saw

makita dss610z review

Makita DSS610Z Review

It’s never hard to come up with a review for a tool, especially when it is the leader in its category. The Makita DSS610Z; is a powerful yet lightweight circular saw with a smooth cut thanks to the high-speed rotation of 3,700 rpm from its enhanced motor, making it a great addition to your toolbox. This tool gives you cordless convenience and the luxury of portability, even in areas where extension cords are difficult to use. It features a heavy gauge base for longer durability with 50 and 45 degrees’ bevel capacities. For your safety, the saw uses electric brakes and a double safety trigger to prevent the risk of blade run-on. For clarity and improved precision, a built-in dust blower directs dust away from you and the cut line, to make your work as professional as you make it. Additionally, an LED job light has you working in poorly lit areas, at any time of the day or night. For your comfort and balance of the tool, it has a soft rubberised grip, leaving you with more important things to think about. Running on an 18V battery and featuring a 54W Wattage, you have the power to cut through your boards and timber with ease.

Once you acquire the tool, the combination of cordless convenience and lightweight is hard to ignore. You can easily adjust the bevel and blade height, with the adjustments being effortless and locking tightly. In addition to the gauges on Makita’s new batteries, an onboard indicator on the saw proves handy as it gives you info about the batteries before you commence your work.

The main con about this tool is that you won’t receive a battery, box or charger with your purchase. Additionally, it is only compatible with a limited variety of batteries. The battery runs out quite fast, but they compensate that with fast charge- about 30 minutes.


Makita DSS610Z - Pros & Cons



  • Double safety trigger
  • Powerful 360 Watt motor
  • LED joblight



  • Only compatible with Makita BL1830 and BL1840 and BL1850 batteries
  • No batteries, box or charger included.