makita dub362z review

Makita DUB362Z Review – Brushless Leaf Blower

makita dub362z review

Makita DUB362Z 36v (Twin 18v) LXT Brushless Blower

An attempt by Makita to step up and compete with the leading names in the leaf-blower industry, the Makita DUB362Z is a cordless and brushless marvel that aims at not only providing performance but also efficiency while maintaining ease of use.


Powered by dual 18V Lithium ion batteries, the DUB362Z packs enough juice for its 36Volt brushless DC motor. Makita left nothing to chance as the blower sports a battery meter that tells you when the power is about to run out leaving you to worry about the less important things strewn across your lawn such as leaves? The powerful brushless motor can run for up to an hour on low power and for about ten minutes on high power on a 4Ah battery. User preference is prioritized by the inclusion of a lockable variable speed control trigger that has 6 stages running from 1 through 6 with six supplying the highest power. The trigger can be controlled from either side of the handle, providing unbiased control for both left and right-handed people. The batteries are also easy to insert with an audible click on correct insertion.

Power is also not a weak suite of the DUB362Z which produces up to 195Km/h of wind speed on high and a half of that on low power. The blower also features a 3 stage telescopic nozzle that can be adjusted for a better nozzle-to-ground angle. The Makita is an inspired blower that is both light and works noiselessly while performing optimally. Furthermore, the DUB362Z starts seamlessly, without the obvious jolt you would expect of such a powerful tool. The brushless motor ensures a longer lifetime for the Makita.


Makita DUB362Z Pros & Cons



  • Air Volume : 6.9 – 13.4m³/min
  • Air Flow : 27 – 54m/s
  • Weight only 1.4kg



  • As is common with most cordless blowers, the Makita doesn’t ship with the battery and charger which have to be bought separately.