makita dvc350z review

Makita DVC350Z Review – 18V Li-ion Vacuum Cleaner

makita dvc350z review

Makita DVC350Z Review

A multi-purpose home tool, the Makita DVC350Z doubles up as a vacuum cleaner and a leaf blower. Built for portability and efficiency, the cordless DVC350Z is not only powerful but also light enough to make every day cleaning easy.

The Makita is powered by an 18V Lithium-ion BL1830 battery that supplies up to 3.0Ah of current. Its motor delivers up to 90 m/s in maximum air velocity and a maximum air volume of 3.4 cubic meters per minute. The Makita DVC350Z also has a maximum sealed suction force of 5.5 Kilo Pascal. The 7.23 Pound machine has a dust bag with a 3L capacity that is guaranteed to hold all the dust for the entire duration of cleaning.

The DVC350Z has dual air volume settings, high and low, that enables the user to change between the two suction settings. It also features an adjustable shoulder strap that allows you to guide the nozzle even better since no hands are employed in holding the equipment. Its soft start feature enables the user to grow accustomed to the vibrations as opposed to the traditional jolt. The low noise emission and vibration factors make the use of the Makita DVC350Z a pleasurable experience. It can also be converted into a blower by removing the dust bag and attaching the hose on the outlet vent. The batteries of the Makita DVC350Z also have a short charging time of 22 minutes allowing the work to continue almost seamlessly.

The Makita has several cons. Chief among them is that the items comes separately and it requires some technical knowledge to attach the dust bag and the hose. It also ships as body only and the user has to procure the batteries separately. The low capacity dust bag can only allow three liters of dirt, thus requiring constant emptying. It also has no rubber padding to protect the user from the motor vibrations.

Makita DVC350Z - Pros & Cons


  • Can be converted into a blower
  • 3L capacity cloth dustbag
  • High/Low push button gives two different suction settings


  • Batteries or charger are NOT included