makita ek6100 review

Makita EK6100 Review – Petrol Disc Cutter

makita ek6100 review

Makita EK6100 Review

Makita never ceases to amaze with cordless convenience and using tomorrow’s technology today. They bring you the EK6100 for petrol disk cutter for cutting through the hard and solid materials be it concrete, asphalt or stone. It is a tool you can rely on to get the job done with minimal effort.

At only 1.2kgs (2.6lbs) and an exceptional weight to power ratio, the unit is your perfect companion for professional and heavy duty use. It is a 12 inch power cutter equipped with a 2 stroke engine that’s stratified with emission control to comply with all know exhaust emission regulations. This is not only eco-friendly but also keeps you safe even when working in enclosed areas.

The EK6100 features enhanced air filtration to remove dust particles away from intake air as well as reducing the dust stuck on the filter, thanks to the highly effective cyclone pre-separation system.  User friendliness begins with the spring assisted starter and primer pump that, together with optimized engine management, reduces compression resistance by a significant extent. A fuel primer ensures easier starting while a Memory Power Ignition (MPI) with storage for ignition energy provides for easy restart.

Tilting sometimes causes fuel leakage but not with the Makita EK6100 as a patented leak proof fuel tank ventilation has you covered. Ease of operation is key, and you have a touch and stop switch for immediate shut off when need be. Its high quality drive belt gives you control of the torque, gives you comfort and needs no more tensioning once the proper tension is adjusted. The flow of dust is against the direction of flow of exhaust gases to provide you with a cleaner operating area and for your health’s sake as well. The unit is however neither sold with the cutting blade or the dust suppression kit, which are extra expenses you have to incur before you get to work.

Makita EK6100 - Pros & Cons


  • Its Lightweight and only weighs 1.2kg
  • Features a fuel primer for easy starting


  • Cutting blade/wheel AND Dust suppression kit is NOT included