Makita UC4041A Review

Makita UC4041A Review – Chainsaw By Makita

Makita UC4041A Review

The Makita chainsaw is trusted by tradesmen all over the world, that’s why a lot of DIY people trust the brand so much. The UC401A chainsaw is largely maintenance free and is the improved version compared to the older UC4020A. This has a tool-less tension adjustment which saves you time on the job and its only available in 240v. The other great feature of this new model is the automatic oil pump for lubricating the chain, not oiling the chain often enough can reduce the life of your chain and not only that the safety of you as the chain could snap or get stuck while you are trying to cut something. With an auto oil pump you should always check before use that there is enough oil in there to complete the task at hand, if its a large job to do this may need to be filled up so please check it every now and then.

Its up to you to make sure you wear the correct safety clothing and helmets and glasses while using a chainsaw, this is not a toy and can cause a serious injury if not used and maintained correctly.


Pro's and Con's



  • Tool-less saw chain / tension adjustment
  • Oil fill level window
  • Automatic oil pump for lubricating the chain



  • 240v Only

Additional information can be found in the Makita UC4041A Manual below.


Makita UC4041A Manual