makita ud2500 review

Makita UD2500 Review

makita ud2500 review

Makita UD2500 Review

Makita’s attempt at venturing into the field of gardening is quite impressive and their innovation, the two-wheeled garden shredder, the Makita UD2500, is an amazing entry level gardening tool.

The Makita UD2500 is a corded garden shredder, designed for use in areas near a mains power supply and uses a 250V input. It is fed twigs, grass and other debris from trimmed hedges and gardens and shreds them. In order to efficiently carry out this task, the UD2500 is fitted with a 2,500W motor that is capable of facilitating a blade speed of 40 rotations per minute. The shredder can achieve an overall throughput of 18kg per hour and can shred branches of up to 45mm thickness. It has a box capacity of 67 liters.

The Makita shredder is quite user friendly. It is fitted with an automatic feeder in order to prevent accidents on the user. It is also has rubberized wheels for easy transportation of the nearly 30Kg machine. The mains connection cable is 10m long and can thus well traverse a small to medium-sized garden. The control panel has an automatic anti-block system and a forward/reverse switch that ensures blockages don’t deter your work. The box container has cut-outs to enable the user to monitor the fill level. Dual handles make movement and holding down the machine during use easy. Its cut and crush system compresses the fed debris thus reducing the number of times one has to empty the collection during use. This cut and crush system also reduces the noise emitted by the shredder.

Even though the UD2500 is a commendable tool, it is too heavy and does not encourage constant movement. It is also not capable of shredding fairly large branches and hedges with its 45mm maximum diameter. The 10m cable length also limits the use to only small gardens and areas near a power supply.

Makita UD2500 - Pros & Cons


  • Cut & crush system to minimise shredded waste
  • Easy transportation with large wheels


  • Weight is 30kg