Napoleon Grills Rogue 425 Gas BBQ Review

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4 Star Review Very Good Gas BBQ

On first impressions on the Napoleon Grills Rogue 425 review, this does look like a very nice gas BBQ finished in stainless steel and it seems like its built to last. I am more of a charcoal man myself but to be honest this is starting to change my mind as they are far easier being gas. The Napoleon BBQ comes with a fantastic 10 year warranty as well for piece of mind, which shows you how good the quality of this BBQ is. The Napoleon rogue 425 grill is well priced at just under £630 which is about right for a mid range gas BBQ.

A lot of people like the Weber Gas BBQ’s as its a known brand, but when you try a Napoleon BBQ and you will be well impressed with its high quality. Its has more than ample cooking area at 535 in² Total Cooking Area, and one of the best feature is the Rogue® 425 side burner in stainless steel which gets you extra sizzle that is an awesome feature from Rouge.

The 45,000 BTU’s of cooking power from this Napoleon bbq and with 4 burners is ideal for a family of 4-6 people, maybe even 8 people depending on how much you all eat when you have a get together. That’s the good thing with this gas BBQ as you can cook for as long as you want without the need of replacing the charcoal and having to wait for the charcoal to go white. With the Napoleon Gas Grill you can press the ignite button and you can almost cook within seconds, no more waiting an hour after lighting the BBQ.

Pro's and Con's



  • Stainless steel makes it look good and easy to clean after use
  • Well built



  • Bit expensive for the size of the BBQ


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