At the core of the game is men hurting each other. As fans, we are lured to the sport in the hope that one fighter will overcome the adversity and pain, going on to triumph. Boxing spectators are among the most voracious and vociferous, as there’s much more on the line than the contest. Amidst the fans are high stakes and pitched battles. The fight may get tough, and men have lost their lives. However, the appeal for us is not in pain but the hope that someone will overcome it like we try to overcome the tribulations in our daily lives. We look for the best of ourselves reflected in the fighters we hold in high prestige.

For most, the fun goes beyond watching the ring. We are in love with the jabbing, crossing and feeling the impact of our fists on a surface. There are almost too many reasons why you should box than we can outline. Boxing makes your confidence soar. You need the confidence to get anywhere as if you don’t believe in yourself, why should anyone? In the way of soaring your confidence, boxing also teaches you to manage your adrenaline. This draws the line between people who shine in pressure and those who crumble. Boxing teaches the true meaning of fear, personal discipline, patience, humility and reminds you of your mortality. It, however, takes the right accessories and equipment to live a boxer, and that’s just what we have to offer.