🤩 Blue Fairy Door – Fairy Garden, Fairy House, Fairy Furniture, Dolls house, Tooth Fairy, Miniature door, Blue Flowers, Gift for Her

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Blue Fairy Door by Fairies of Tranquility Fairies of Tranquility have decided to share their magical doors with you. Each one is carefully handcrafted, beautifully decorated and is a unique and special door – just for you. A Beautiful Fairy Door with Stunning blue flowers. “Beside the door sits a magical blue gazing ball with elegant blue flowers all around. A climber full of tiny blue flowers grows next to the door, together with sleepy snails resting in beds of moss. These all make this a stunning little fairy door that any fairy would be proud to own.” Legend has it, that fairy doors are magical gateways used by fairies to enter our world. This fairy door will ensure that your fairy wants to keep skipping through it again, and again. The fairy door measures approximately 13 cm high, 17 cm wide and 7 cm deep. The Fairies of Tranquility have sprinkled this fairy door with magical dust, to make sure only the fae folk can open it… For Decorative Purposes Only.