Fairycat Baby Backseat Mirror for Car, View Rear Facing Infant in Car Backseat, Best Newborn Safety with Secure Double Strap, Essential Car Seat Accessories

Amazon.co.uk Price: £32.12 (as of 23/10/2019 11:10 PST- Details)

Give Your Little Ones The Attention They Deserve – Even When On The Road!

This Back Seat Car Mirror Guarantees You Never Lose Sight Of Your Little Angel’s Smile! Make Every Trip a Trip to Remember!

This rear facing baby mirror’s convex surface offers you a wide angle view of your child’s crystal clear reflection, allowing you to be able to check on them safely while driving.

This mirrior is designed to stay firmly in place and not require constant readjustments. The double strap mount only takes a few seconds to install and together with our unique mount, will keep your mirror pointed exactly where you need it. And the mirror itself is shatterproof and completely safe.