ForceSthrength Sucker rearview mirror sucker type baby rearview mirror 360 degree rotation Black

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The export market sells well, the baby rearview mirror inside the car has no harm to the baby. With a sucker, 360 degrees of rotation, easy to install solid, driving, through the principle of reflection, mother does not need dangerous turn, through the original car rearview mirror can always view the baby, baby can also see the mother, more comfortable.

The difference between a curved mirror and a plane mirror is that the size of the image is different. The plane mirror, the size of the image and the size of the object are equal. Therefore, the original plane rearview mirror can not see the baby.
Because the imaging object is “smaller” the curved mirror has a wider view and can see more objects behind it.

Product application scope:
The small convex mirror extends the view to show you the dynamics of your baby.
Product weight:170 grams
Product material characteristics:
1. small size, suction cups installed, do not occupy space.
2. rotatable adjustment angle, wide field of vision, clear!
Curved surface (imaging reduction)
Product size (mirror):14.7*5.5CM

How to use:
Easy installation, sucker fixing.
360 free rotation design (suitable for any headrest height)
Durable. Adjust the angle, steady and convenient.
Two installation methods:
1. mirror fixed in the front of the car, you can directly observe the back seat of the baby.
2. fix the mirror behind the car and observe the baby with the rearview mirror.
Be careful:
The auxiliary mirror can not replace the original car rear view mirror, and the installation position does not cover the driver’s vision.