🤩 Garden Fairy House with Leaf Door 14cm Stone Toadstool Solar Powered Light Up Outdoor Ornament A Lovely Gift For The Garden

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Brighten up your garden with our lovely solar powered fairy house a delight for adults, children and grandchildren. When it starts to get dark and the little windows light up (if a fairy is living there) your garden will become a magical fairy garden. The solar panel marker connects by a lead that is approximately 70cm long. This allows it to be sited in a well lit spot away from the fairy house. At 14cm tall and weighing nearly 2Kg this stone ornament makes a great feature and is an unusual gift for yourself or to give as a present. Completely frost hardy. All our fairy houses are unique. They are all handmade and no two are identical. If you place your fairy home in a quiet shady spot in the garden a fairy might decide to move in. When it gets dark you will se the light shine through the windows to show that she is at home. Every garden has room for a fairy home.