😈 Hedgehog Set of 3 Golf Winter Trolley wheel covers studded tyres fairway savers

Amazon.co.uk Price: £34.99 (as of 21/10/2019 23:29 PST- Details)

❥ you are buying a brand new set of 3 winter Golf trolley wheel covers. These are ideal if you have a 3 wheeled trolley that has all 3 wheels the same size – 9-10 inches. A lot of courses will not allow standard trolleys on the course and they insist on you having these covers so here they are at an unbeatable price. THESE COVERS WILL FIT ANY TROLLEY WHEEL WITH A DIAMETER FROM 9 TO 10 INCHES. They are fitted using plastic clips which are provided as can be seen in the image. The clips will fit a tyre width of 70mm which is a common size. If your tyres are a different width then the best option which hundreds of customers use is to secure them with cable ties, this is a neat and secure way of fixing them. They reduce the amount of drag that your trolley produces so they will save battery life. They come with plates and screws to secure them to your wheel. The set comes in a sealed presentation pack which includes the fitting instructions.