👽 Himalayan crystal pink salt & Organic chilli mill 85g

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BPA Free – Glass Mill and BPA Free Grinder (Dishwasher Safe)
84 Minerals


Himalayan crystal organic salt &sweet jalapeño chilli mill 85g

Vegan products

Palm Oil Free

 (You wouldn’t think this would clarification but some companies  use palm oils to enhance colour of the product, we just use high quality products that don’t require any enhancements, pure unrefined and flavoursome) 

Eco-friendly packaging.
All lids are dishwasher safe. 
BPA Free plastic lid.
All elements of this product are widely recycled and reusable.

We at the good salt company hate one use plastics, we recycle everything we can, we buy from environmentally conscious sellers and ensure our direct supplier of Himalayan Salt is ethical in the sourcing of the products.

Every purchase means a lot to us, we are an independent business and we’ve been growing steadily since 2005. 
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BPA Free – Glass Mill and BPA Free Grinder (Dishwasher Safe)
84 Minerals
Palm Oil Free