👽 Jolen Creme Bleach Original – Lightens Excessively Dark Hair

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Jolen Crème Bleach camouflages superfluous hair, safely & effectively by lightening it to a less noticeable shade that blends with your natural skin tones

It can be used on the face, arms and legs

As the No. 1 Crème Bleach in the world, Jolen has helped women look good for over 40 years

Jolen is the No. 2 brand in the depilatory market (excluding own label), and the No.1 Crème Bleach. This is an essential product in any retailer’s beauty product offering

Women choose to bleach superfluous hair for ease, cost and effectiveness. Jolen does not bleach the skin and is used by consumers of all skin tones

Research from UK consumer websites shows that Jolen customers are repeat and loyal users, and are happy with the effectiveness of Jolen

Most consumers will recommend Jolen Crème Bleach to their friends

Jolen’s customers range from females aged 13-60