Powery Charger for battery Hitachi circular saw C18DMR, 7,2V-18V

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Charger for battery Hitachi circular saw C18DMR, 7,2V-18V
Universal fast-charger for NiCd, NiMH and Li-Ion power tool batteries with electrical tension of 7,2 to 18V

Technical specifications:
Input: 100-240Volt
Output: 7,2 – 18Volt (set automatically)
Battery technologies supported: NiCd/ NiMH/ Li-Ion
Charging electrical current: 1,5A
3-phased electrical charging: 1.initial charge – 2.constant electrical current fast charging – 3.maintaining of electrical charge
Automatic charger switch-off circuit: -Delta U
Time to charge: e.g. NiCd-battery with 2Ah approx. 80min., NiMH-battery with 3Ah approx. 120min.
No original manufactured charger

Security features:
Overheat protection
Short-circuit protection
Automatically switched-off at full charge
Detection of defective batteries

Delivery includes:
100-240V power adapter
User manual …