😈 Spalding Never Flat Outdoor Basketball

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❥ The Spalding Never Flat Basketball has the following features: The Spalding Never Flat Outdoor basketball is suitable for both outdoor use but also for indoor trainings. The NitroFlate technology prevents early loss of air. The Never Flat Competitive Outdoor offers excellent grip and is made of durable synthetic material. The basketball will be delivered in size 7. Specifications: Spalding basketball NitroFlate technology Outdoor use Size 7: suitable for 12 years and older Excellent grip Made of synthetic material Colour: orange – black – silver Sizing: Size 5: 69-71cm circumference / 480gram / Suitable for mini’s Size 6: 72-74cm circumference / 530-550gram / Suitable for women Size 7: 75-78cm circumference / 565-650gram / Suitable for 12 years and older, so also seniors