Robomow RC304 Review

Robomow RC304 Review

Robomow RC304 Review

4.8 out of 5 stars (4.8 / 5)

The Robomow RC304 U is ideal for larger lawns up to 500m2 and it can work on 2 zones, it can also be programmed to start cutting the grass when you want with its smart schedule app. With the app you can even control the robomow and cut the grass on the app if you wish to for a bit of fun. The RC304u uses a mulching tri-blade which cuts the grass into fine pieces so all the grass goes back into the lawn to help make your grass richer and it will make your grass look really nice and green.

When the Robomow has finished its grass cutting for the day the little niffty mower goes back to its base station and goes for a recharge and sleeps till its shedule wakes him up and hes ready for work again. A full charge will last approx 45-50 minutes but don’t panic if you have a larger garden, if the robomow runs low on power and its not finished it will go back to base for a recharge that only takes 50-70 minutes and it will go back out and finish its job.

The RC models are a little bigger and more advanced than the RX series as they feature a rain sensor, if it does start to rain it will go back to its base until its stops raining and it will go back out and cut the rest of the grass. If at any time it tips over the blade stops automatically or if its picked up it will stop, this is added protection in case any children pick it up. If you are worried about it being stolen this has an alarm built in if it gets tampered with, its up to you where you put the base station in your garden but you can put it out of sight so nobody can see it only when it comes out to do its job. The RC304 is also powered by a lithium battery which is far better than the RC models which feater a lead battery which take 16+ hours to charge for 40-50 min use.


Pro's and Con's



  • Fast charge time of 50-70 minutes
  • Lawn size 500 m² up to MAX 1000m²
  • Mowing schedule
  • Remote Control in App
  • This has a rain sensor



  • Noise Level – 64db(A) in ECO mode
  • 2 year Warranty could be longer for money