Robomow RX12U Robotic Lawnmower Review

Robomow RX12U Robotic Lawnmower Review

Robomow RX12U Robotic Lawnmower Review

4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)

The Robomow RX12U is ideal for small lawns approx 150m2, this is up to a maximum of 250m²*, it features the latest design and technology to ensure you get the perfect cut every time Robomow is out doing its job.

Perfect Grass Cutting From The Robomow

You get efficient cutting from from the Robomow as it has a floating cutter deck which has an 18cm blade made from stainless steel, this is also mulching blade which cuts the grass into tiny pieces and puts it back on the grass which helps bring more life back into the garden. If you are worried about the mower not cutting the edges don’t panic as this clever mower with its large blade ensures it cuts right up to the edge of your lawn, so no messy little strands of grass are left.


Why Choose The RX 12u

The RX 12u comes with a full 2 year warranty as standard and comes with all the pegs and wire that you will need. This will be enough for the recommended lawn size of 150m² and it can cover up to 2 separate zones. Another good point is its low power consumption of just 2.5 kWh/month which is a really cheap way of cutting your lawn without leaving the comfort of your living room.

Watch the video of the Robomow below


Pro's and Con's



  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Ideal for small lawns up to 150m2
  • Works with 2 Zones



  • Robomow App not supported on this model
  • No Theft Protection
  • 16-20 Hours charging time


Additional information can be found in the Robomow rx12u manual.

Robomow RX12U Robotic Lawnmower Manual


*250m² is the Max lawn size this a capable of doing if you have a near perfect lawn with no obstacles, only 1 zone with a completely flat lawn with a standard rectangular shape and no inactive time set with a not to fast growing pace.