Robomow RX20u Review

Robomow RX20u Review

Robomow RX20u Review

4.8 out of 5 stars (4.8 / 5)

The Robomow RX20u is the next model up from the RX12u, this allows you to have a slightly bigger lawn of 200m² and up to a maximum size of 300m²*. This model also features the Robomow App which the smaller RX12u does not support. This handy little app is really good when your in your home and fancy doing a little bit of mowing without leaving the comfort of your living room just fun a bit of fun. Its a great party piece to show people how you can cut your lawn without even moving. Obviously this is an automatic robot lawn mower so you don’t have to use the app but sometimes if it does miss a bit round the edge or something its very useful. You will need to cut round the edge of your lawn if there is a wall or a fence border just to make you aware but thats nothing to worry about.

This RX20u also features a floating deck same as the other RX models in the range as well as an 18cm cut which makes light work of a small lawn.


Watch the video of the Robomow below

Pro's and Con's



  • This model has the Robomow App
  • Theft protection
  • 2 Year Warranty



  • No Mowing schedule
  • Charging time is 16-20 hours


Robomow RX Robotic Mower In Base Station

Robomow RX robotic mower in base station review

The RX20u is powered by a Lead Acid 7Ah battery, this is charged automatically when it returns back to its base station when it has finished cutting the grass or when it is running low on power. If it runs out of power during cutting the grass it will return to base for a charge then continue cutting after it has re-charged. If you are away on holiday or away for a week or two you don’t need to worry about cutting the grass, with its weekly program it will come out and cut the grass every week all by itself without you even doing anything. You will never need to go out and mow the grass again or have to go out and charge it as it does it all by itself.


Additional information can be found in the Robomow RX20u manual.

Robomow RX12U Robotic Lawnmower Manual