• Robomow RC304 Review Robomow RC304 Review - The Robomow RC304 U is ideal for larger lawns up to 500m2 and it can work on 2 zones, it can also be programmed to start cutting the grass when you want with its smart schedule app. With the app you can even control the robomow and cut the grass on the app if you
  • Robomow RX20u Review Robomow RX20u Review - The Robomow RX20u is the next model up from the RX12u, this allows you to have a slightly bigger lawn of 200m² and up to a maximum size of 300m²*. This model also features the Robomow App which the smaller RX12u does not support. This handy little app is really good when your in your
  • Robomow RX12U Robotic Lawnmower Review Robomow RX12U Robotic Lawnmower Review - The Robomow RX12U is ideal for small lawns approx 150m2, this is up to a maximum of 250m²*, it features the latest design and technology to ensure you get the perfect cut every time Robomow is out doing its job. Perfect Grass Cutting From The Robomow You get efficient cutting from from the Robomow as