• dewalt dch274p2 review DeWalt DCH274P2 Review – SDS Drill - Dewalt DCH274P2 The XR3 features a brushless motor which makes the battery last for ages, this is the ideal SDS drill for anchors and holes in concrete and bricks from 4 to 24mm. Powered by a 5.0Ah battery, the cordless Dewalt DCH274P2 is a rotary hammer made for off-site and long use away from the
  • makita dhr242rmj review Makita DHR242RMJ Review – 18v LXT SDS-Plus Hammer Drill - Makita DHR242RMJ The Makita DHR242RMJ features a rubber joint construction which minimises terminal breakage on the battery which can happen on other tools that are just plastic. A member of the Makita rotary hammer family, the Makita DHR242RMJ uses the 4.0Ah dual 18V X2 Lithium-ion LXT (Lithium-Ion Extreme Technology) batteries which supply enough power to
  • makita dhr243rmj review Makita DHR243RMJ Review – Cordless rotary hammer drill - Makita DHR243RMJ Built as an improvement to its predecessors, the cordless rotary hammer features the LXT Lithium-ion battery technology and a horde of tiny innovative features that make the use of the Makita DHR243RMJ a more pleasurable experience than previous rotary hammer drill kits from Makita. With the more efficient brushless DC motors that cut
  • dewalt dch254m2 review DeWalt DCH254M2 Review – 18v XR SDS-Plus Rotary Hammer Drill + Q/C Chuck - Dewalt DCH254M2 Built for heavy masonry work, the Dewalt DCH254M2 has an SDS+ chunk for hammering and a concrete drilling bit as is wont of tools in its line of work. It is ideal for use in fixing and drilling holes in brick, concrete and even plaster. A 4.0Ah 18 volt XR lithium-ion battery powers
  • dewalt dch253m2 review DeWalt DCH253M2 Review – 18v XR SDS-Plus Rotary Hammer Drill - DeWalt DCH253M2 Review Dewalt brings you the DCH253M2, a cordless SDS+ impact drill for drilling anchors and fixing holes into concrete, brick, masonry and other uses you may have. The tool is ideal for drill depth between 4mm and 24 mm, thanks to its brilliant design. It features Shock– active Vibration control to reduce vibration,