sealey g2000i review

Sealey G2000i Review – Petrol Generator

sealey g2000i review

Sealey G2000i Review

The Sealey G2000i features a digital inverter which gives pure sine wave power which is needed for electrical equipment, if you don’t have pure sign wave the power is very spiky and can cause damage to electrical equipment.

As a rule of thumb, the more advanced the technology, the higher the chance that it requires a pure sine wave. You have been acquiring cutting-edge technology devices and that’ where the inverter generator comes in handy. The reason for this is that the inverter control system maintains a consistently high accuracy level of voltage and frequency fluctuations with minimal wave distortion resulting to power as smooth as, if not more, what you get from the grid. This is exactly what you want for your devices, and exactly what the Sealey G2000i provides. It not only provides the purest of power but also has the advantage of adjusting engine speed in direct proportion to the load applied and you end up with maximum fuel efficiency.

The Sealey G2000i inverter generator four-stroke engine is ideal for small domestic appliances and recreational use such as camping, caravanning and 4WD touring. You can also use it for your mobile business such as a coffee cart, a food truck or a market stall. The engine is designed to be very quiet, with its Eco mode set up allowing for the generator to run quieter (60dB @7mtr) and efficiently consuming fuel, at a friendly rate of 4 liters per six hours. Additionally, the generator is designed to minimize emissions, which means it can even run indoors with adequate ventilation. It is also lightweight and portable, making it the ideal power source when you are outdoor. It features light recoil start and a fuel gauge so you can plan ahead. A low oil alarm notifies you when you are about to be in darkness so that you don’t end up there. An electric circuit protector protects it from generator-fed short-circuit current, and hence the device is much durable. It is fitted with two 240V and 12V DC 8.3A port. The only con is that its tank holds a maximum of 4 liters, which may not last very long.


Sealey G2000i - Pros & Cons



  • Its lightweight and portable
  • Fitted with two 240V sockets and 12V DC 8.3A port
  • Will run for 6hrs



  • Only 4ltr fuel tank