sealey pc200sd review

Sealey PC200SD Review – Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner

sealey pc200sd review

Sealey PC200SD Review

Sometimes, you need to tackle more than dry dirt, and a wet dry vacuum cleaner is just what you need. To drain your liquid spills, the Sealey PC200SD uses 2 bucket like devices that separate liquids and solids in different chambers in place of a vacuum bag. It runs smoothly and is very versatile for day to day chores when you put it into best use. It is handy for whatever you spill, breadcrumbs or wine. You can also unclog sinks, use it as a snow machine and clean your carpet, all at a go. The uses are endless, and so are your needs.

The Sealey PC200SD is a high powered, lightweight unit with a blower facility suitable for wet and dry operation. With a motor power of 1250W, a voltage supply of 240V, a maximum vacuum pressure of 140 mbar and airflow as fast as 120 mtr3 per hour, you can easily clear all the debris you need to, even when there is a flood. This power will save you when disaster comes, preventing water damage.

Constructed with stainless steel, you do not have to worry about your unit looking old or getting rust over time. This is real helpful as otherwise, sucking liquids would easily rust and wear out inner parts. You can also enjoy a close to lifelong use of your unit, while maintaining the same old (new) look. The drum unit is fixed on two fixed wheels and two castors, balancing the weight and making it easier for you to use.

With the PC200SD, you always have the tools close, in case you need to adjust a nut or something of the sort, thanks to the tool storage point at the front and at the back. The unit is lightweight at only 5kg, and will carry all the debris and liquid you collected in its 20 liter capacity drum. It comes with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty, just to guarantee you of Sealey’s quality.

Sealey PC200SD - Pros & Cons


  • 240 Volt / 1250W Vacuum Cleaner Industrial Wet & Dry 20ltr Stainless Bin
  • 12 Months Manufacturers Warranty
  • Can be used as a leaf blower


  • None