Summerhouse With Side Store

Summerhouse With Side Store – Tianna Log Cabin

Summerhouse With Side Store

Log Cabin Summerhouse with Side Store

Quite often, you need more space but building an extension or moving house is rarely the ideal solution. In such a case, this Tianna log cabin will prove perfect for your outdoor space needs. The idea of log cabin is a brilliant one, and is what you want if you have been yearning for games room or need space to accommodate guests.  This summerhouse cabin offers you a spacious interior, extra high double doors and windows that fully open, allowing extra air flow. Its solid construction means you can store your valuables safely and securely.

One specific beauty of the Tianna cabin is what you can do with it. You can adjust the cabin to suit your personal preferences.  The cabin is made from interlocking boards to enhance its solid construction and also ensure that that the inside will not be affected by outside temperature changes.  The thick walls provide more warmth and protect you from adverse weather. The cabin is made strong to last strong and you can rest assured that it will always be high and dry. All wooden parts are pressure treated to increase the lifespan and require no annual treatment.  For the windows, reinforced safety glass is used for durability, reliability and to provide you with a clear glance of the happenings around.

Summerhouse with Side Store – Tianna Log Cabin

The Tianna Log Cabin is built on simplicity. It has extra high doors, making entry and exit easier.  The roof’s eaves are as high as 6’2’’, meaning adults can walk around without bumping their heads. The windowed door and side doors ensure a lot of natural light flows, keeping the interior bright and looking spacious. The roof’s panels are made from quality tongue and grove timber as the rest of the cabin is. This increases strength and its ability to resist the wind. The cabin is built to last with space and style in mind.

Summerhouse With Side Store Pros and Cons



  • 14 Day no fuss returns
  • Fixtures and Fittings included
  • Pressure Treated Bearers
  • Modern style doors and windows



  • Roof felt is optional
  • 3 week delivery