TECC Arc 4 Review

TECC Arc 4 Review

TECC Arc 4 Review

Today we are looking at the TECC Arc 4 which has 40 watts of power to get you vaping, this is powered by a 2200mAh battery which lasts a good amount of time, obviously this depends on how much vaping you do in a day. You can vape with this like you do a cigarette or you can take a full hit direct into the lungs as this has the sub-ohm atomizers.

This has a clever little OLED display which tells you have many vapes you have done, tells you the battery level so you can recharge it before it dies. Also it tells you have much wattage you are using which is a really good feature for a vape. The TECC Arc 4 has the abbility to be used when charging unlike some other vapes on the market. Don’t get left behind when you vape is dead as you can vape while it charges so you can always vape.


Pro's and Con's



  • You can vape while it charges
  • 1-40 Watt output
  • 2200mAh Battery capacity
  • 5 Click on/off safety function
  • Available in 5 different colours



  • 48 Hour Warranty on Tank & Coil
  • 28 Day hardware warranty