tranquility hot tub reviews

Tranquility Hot Tub Reviews

tranquility hot tub reviews

The Tranquility Hot Tub With Lucite ® & Microban ® Protection

Lucite is an American brand and is an industry leader when it comes to hot tubs, it uses some of the best quality acrylics in the world. It has a unique design and is one of the preferred brand for hot tubs and spas.

Listen To Music While In the Hot Tub

The Tranquility Hot Tub has a bluetooth connection featuring 2x built in waterproof speakers and a 10 meter range for the bluetooth to connect to so you don’t have to be close by with your phone or other bluetooth device. So you can relax in comfort and unwind after your hard day at work and listen to your favourite music. Just for a bit more to relax we even include LED speakers lights that can flash to your music which makes it look really cool in the dark.

The Chrome Jets In This Hot Tub Are Powerful

In this model hot tub it has 45 powerful jets to relax you and your friends, with 8 Hydrotherapy jets and 3 Ozone jets.

About The Hot Tub

This is perfect to run on any standard 13 AMP connection which is great for a plug and play model. The Tranquility hot tub measures 2000 x 2000 x 920mm, When empty it weighs 400kg and fully filled it weighs 1550kg, this model holds 1150 litres of water which is filled with your hose pipe, which means there is no need to plum the hot tub in. Also this has 3 seats and 2 loungers which makes it an ideal family hot tub for your garden, if you have friends round this can be the perfect outdoor hot tub. There are bigger models to choose from and a range of finance options from 0% and buy now and pay later. You can get the 0% interest free for 1 year up to 5 years or you can pay for the whole hot tub upfront the choice is yours.